Sunday, February 28, 2010

Latihan Hari Sukan Sekolah.

Biasalah, balik cuti sekolah je semua benda aku lupa. Pagi tadi ada rehearsal sukan di padang. Cikgu-cikgi dan budak-budak ramai yang mamai tak bawa baju sukan.

Entah kenapa, aku bukan sepatutnya bertugas di padang pun sebab tugas aku penyelia markah terkumpul je. Lepas tengok muka GB mengganas cari cikgu yang tak turun padang, aku pun terus capai timer yang bunyi tit tit tit tu dan berseronok...hahaha...Nasib baik cahaya matahari pagi beri vitamin E kat muka aku yang cerah ni. Alhamdulillah...

Enjoy ;)
Aku akan cuba yang terbaik...

Demi korang anak-anak bangsa...

Aku peluk korang, korang tak peluk aku pon?Sengal la...

Kenapa semua lelaki? Mestilah, sebab nama pun Sekolah Lelaki Jalan Batu. Korang semua macam cool habis je kan?

Kegelapan masa depan kami sebagai tiga insan guru praktikal...

Im the princess among the prince charmings...adoi...

Aku rasa aku cam alien je time tu...

Jejaka hangat hangat tahi ayam...bau ketiak semua hangit semacam...

Nak apa lagi? Dah habis dah ni...Mood aku hilang nak update.Aku mintak maaf, aku tak reply mesej korang, aku tak reply sms korang, aku tak reply buzz korang. Memang aku stress, takde mood. Nak benci aku? Silakan...Bye.dana, Humor, Kejohanan Olahraga Tahunan, KOT, Lumba-lari, Murid Normal, Pendidikan Khas, Sekolah, Sekolah Kebangsaan Pendidikan Khas Jalan Batu, Sports, Sukan

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Gempar! Ada Nenek Tua Tertidur Dalam Rapid KL Sebab Takde Orang Nak Kejut Dia.

Nasib baik tak terlajak tidur tadi. Sengal betul laaaa!

Aku rasa kalau tiap-tiap hari aku naik Rapid KL yang suasananya kosong macam ni kan best. Aku akan rasa bahagia tanpa perlu buat muka masam dengan semua orang dalam bas.Wahai korang semua, sila jangan naik Rapid KL nombor U49 dan U46. Jangan naik tau.  Please...

Monday, February 22, 2010

Anak-Anak Ketam Lari Berkeliaran, Namun Kecundang Di Medan Perang.

...longgokan anak-anak ketam yang telah kecundang di medan perang...
...dialog sengal...

Aku : Weh nak beli apa ni untuk snek suka ria kita hari ini?
Aku : Semestinya Mamee perisa BBQ!
Cousin : Weh, gila ko. Makan Mamee ni boleh jadi bodoh, ko tau tak!!
Aku : Waaa, kalau macam tu makan Tam Tam la. Makan Tam Tam boleh jadi bodoh ke?
Cousin : Makan Tam Tam pun boleh jadi bodoh jugak . Tapi ambik je laa...hahaha.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cara Masak Lauk Udang Masak Lemak Cili Api.

This is Udang Masak Lemak Cili Api, made by myself. Hii...its not that difficult as i thought it is,  I made it in just a snap ;)

Here the step : Campak tu kena ada gaya macam Chef One.Baru masakan menjadi.
  • Campak bawang besar dan bawang putih dalam periuk.
  • Campak beberapa cili padi yang dah ditumbuk lumat.
  • Masukkan santan dan sedikit kunyit nak bagi nampak kuning.
  • Campur air sikit sesuka hati.
  • Pasang api, biar merendidih.
  • Masukkan jeruk mangga kalau nak masam. Boleh juga letak asam keping.
  • Campakkan bendi.
  • Masukkan udang.
  • Jangan lupa perisa tambahan m.s.g yang boleh botakkan kepala. (garam,ajinomoto)
  • Tunggu udang jadi warna merah, dan tutup api. Pergi makan.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Terapi Cara Kerja, Untuk Kanak-Kanak Berkeperluan Khas.

Hello, Im back;) These photo was taken during my class with my Indonesian's kids which are Fedrian and Biyaming. Fedrian is very passive and shy, while Biyaming is a hyperactive kid. They are low function's kids , and now I'm thinking what activity that suits for them to increase their fine motor skills, because they are still weak in eye-hands coordination. Teachers out there, please contribute some ideas. ;)

Fedrian Shah (left), and Biyaming (right)

Train them to put the string inside the hole. It looks like easy, but not for them.

Nice, good try kids. Must do lots of drills;)

Yaming, such a very handsome boy. I must give him more task after this because he cant stay put even in a minutes.

Fedrian, such a very polite boy. So smooth in talking, and always being bullied. He tried to talks, but I cant really catch what does his means.

Fedrian looks very hard to hold pencil , and he is weak in coloring session. Yaming is excellent in coloring but he always mumbling. He makes my class noisy, but cheerful.

Yaming, he cannot really concentrates(autisme) , but atleast he tried to complete his task.

Fedrian, I need to give him more therapy on his gross motor skills. He is very weak in colouring.

See you back in school okay guys?

Footnote : It was really funny to see how my colleague talks in Indonesian language with this kids. Hahaa..

Siapa Suka Calit Taik Hidung Dekat Dinding? Aku Suka Sangat!

 Aaaahh....besar punya....

Ok. The title is extremely gross! But like it or not, I have to tell you that some people in our community still keep this disgusting habit as their daily routine. Yes, it is true. I just saw it just now at the public toilet , and it makes me like eeeuw. !

Who did this disgusting job, dude? Dont ever pick your nose, and put your nose wax on the wall! Only people without brain, will ever do things like that. My suggestion, if you really cant stop yourself from doing it, just do it at your own walls room. Please, I beg you. Im on my knees now ;(

Do you know that the sticky wax you put on the wall is hard to be removed? Do you know that? Do you understand? I dont know why I am so kind to fire the shits with the water hose, and what makes me more angry is the shits did not wants to come out. It will be sticking hards. This case really happen you know, I was like never stop cursing.

You got my point?Just stop it la,guys. Just throw your shits inside the sinks...or you can just wash your hands after you picks your nose. Not a big trouble isn't it?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Kereta Proton Persona Hitam !

I saw Lisa Surihani in a black Persona just now! OMG She is superb gorgeous! Hehe…This Lisa Surihani fever will not stop on me. Feel irritated? Please don’t be. Anyways, these are some pictures of our new family member, black Persona.

We already have a gold persona by now, but my brother has bought another one to celebrate his first salary recently. We have supported him to buy persona and not other car because, everybody in the house is in love with persona as it is easy to handle. Anyone of you have drives Proton Persona before? You will know how it feels.

Black is beautiful isn't it?

The black Proton Persona, hey where is Lisa Surihani?

This is my only baby, remember about this post about Mijat The Quantum Of Solace?

My eldest bro with his black Proton Saga BLM. Black also? That was actually my suggestion. He told us that, no one will care to use his lame car as everybody is using Persona now...Hehe..Ehem, he is warming up with his blog now, and Im his mentor.

Lets take out the plastic ok. Why so happy, baby?

That one is my second brother, and this black Persona is his.

We were kinda excited you see, because my brother has got his first scratch on his brand new Persona. Haha, no one else but his fault.

He drove recklessly inside the garage, and that's how he got his first

"Angah nak kumpul scratches ni, akhir tahun baru pergi cat baru. Hahaa... "

Jakun tengok scratch!

So when is my time to get my own new car?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bottlecapt !

What a lovely Tuesday morning, guys. I woke up early today and I made a breakfast meal as have been promised. As I chewed the nuggets with mayo, my eyes were amazed and stopped at Malaysia Hari Ini tv channel. Jeng-jeng-jeng…

I think I know this girl from BBGS. We were schoolmates. Wow, she’s change a lot. Last time I saw her; she was a tomboy with a boyish-haircut. She looks so much different now, so ladylike and her appearance much likes a copy of Malaysian Avril-lavinge. Ewin, you look so gorgeous!

The song they sang with guitars and tambourine was really soothing. Now who says that girls cannot play guitars well? These girls are great I tell you. Good job to Ewin and her gangs. I pray for the glory of your “Bottlecapt” band, and thanks to Malaysia Hari Ini for always supporting new Malaysian Indie Band like them. Bravo!

Check them out here on BottleCapt facebook ;)

Monday, February 15, 2010

I sent Adi Putra A Love Letter, Woaw!

My wish for our genius Adi Putra,
  • Adi, I hope to see you happy playing with the kids at the playground. You gotta enjoy your kid's moment Adi, you are only 11th...
  • Adi, I hope you know how to play games like baling selipar,konda kondi, police centry, and whatever games that a kid like you might like. I hope your parents will not forget to let you play outsides...You are just a kid...You needed floortime like others...
  • Adi, I hope to buy you an ice-cream, I want to see you jump for joy like other normal kids...You like ice-cream Adi?How about vanilla with topped choc?
  • Adi, I hope that you will not forget how to giggles and cry like a kid in your age...since that you are studying at the higher institution, you will gather along with teens, and adults. I am afraid Adi, those people might screw your life...
  • Adi, I hope that you are always safe with your beloved family, and I really pray that the black history that happens to our genious girl, Sufiah will never repeats on you...
  • There are so many hopes rely on you now Adi Putra, and no one in the world could ever understand and feel the burdens that you have to take...Only God knows.  
  • Take care Adi, love you always. ;)

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I Say No To Marriage. Thank You.

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mengumpat Kat Dalam Blog Pun Berdosa Juga.

Idea entri aku kali ni datangnya daripada gadis ini...
"...Aku xsuke gak bila 1 hari..kt uni aku ni ada satu underground community nama. kat cni port kitaorg ngumpat,share movie or ape2 jela berita sorg mamat ni post cmni :  Nape ye lau korg xsuke mber korg ke,nk luah perasaan xpuas hati ke ape ke,npe xsecara dpn2..nape nk gna blog? or media letronik?... "
Listen. Banyak kali aku cakap aku seorang yang pasif. Aku tak suka bercerita dengan kawan-kawan aku pasal gosip minah ni, gosip jantan ni. Aku kurang bergosip sebab aku tau, gosip tu adalah mainan kata je. Tak semestinya apa yang kita dengar dari mulut ke mulut tu benar, sahih , dan boleh dipercayai. Aku abaikan kebenaran sesuatu gosip yang aku terima, dan aku juga kurangkan bergosip atau mengumpat tentang hal orang lain dengan kawan-kawan.

Kau tau tak apa bezanya aku dengan korang? Aku cuma gunakan blog untuk luah perasaan aku. Dengan berblog, aku yakin aku dapat kawal perasaan aku dalam dunia realiti. Dengan berblog, aku yakin aku boleh kurangkan sesi mengumpat. Dengan berblog, aku dapat kongsi idea dan nasihat dari banyak jenis otak. Aku tak cakap aku baik, tapi aku rasa kau aku berbeza.

So, korang sila jelaskan aku apa beza luahan hati di dunia realiti dan luahan hati kat media elektronik? Konsepnya tetap sama, kalau korang cakap atau tulis perkara yang buruk tentang orang lain, korang tetap akan dapat dosa. Sebab tu la aku, rela bercakap sorang diri dengan blog aku , lebih dari dunia realiti tu. Biarlah orang nak kata aku takde life yang sihat, aku tak kira.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bagaimana Nak Apply Job Ahli Nujum?

Telefon berbunyi Ring Ring Ring...Ku angkat ku dengar suara. Kedengaran seseorang yang aku sangat-sangat kenal meminta tolong . Tolong apa?
" Weh..doakan kereta aku hidup. Selalunya doa ko makbul. Please doa lah sekarang. Sebab dia tengah buat pasal ni "
" Hahaha, kelakar la ko ni. Eh yeke doa aku selalu termakbul ? "
" Yer la, hah doa sekarang cepat, please... "
" Ok,ok takde hal..."
Adui, kesiannya kawan aku sorang ni. Kalau macam ni, senang lah aku. Aku rasa nak apply job ahli nujum. Kalau korang nak minta khidmat nasihat aku, aku guna semangkuk air je. Jampi-jampi sikit terus korang percaya kat aku. Hehe...

Bergembira Hilang Stress Dengan Murid-Murid Khas.

Walaupun sepanjang 2 minggu ni aku rasa stress dan penat, tapi disebalik tu hati aku terubat dengan telatah murid-murid aku. Keceriaan yang bukan biasa korang dapat tengok kat mana-mana, tapi kali ini double-triple-prosperity luar biasa ceria.

Ececeh, ada orang jual mahal, taknak cikgu ambik gambar dia. Blah lah Afiq, Cikgu nak sayang cium Amat jer...hihi...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bulu Roma Naik Dengan Hujah Cikgu X-Man Di Meeting Room.

Ok, ni kisah sedih yang berlaku masa meeting semalam. Aku terperanjat juga dengan tingkah laku dan reaksi yang ditunjukkan oleh Cikgu X-Man, tapi apakan daya. Semuanya sudah terlambat.Sedang kami sibuk meeting pasal Kejohanan Olahraga Tahunan (KOT), Cikgu X-Man menerjah dan mengatakan bahawa dia tidak boleh lagi menyumbang bakti untuk sekolah tu...
"Saya nak mencelah sikit, dan hal ini bukan berkenaan isu KOT, ini termasuk dalam hal lain-lain.Saya rasa tidak boleh lagi ambil alih tugas penyelia peserta untuk KOT nanti sebab saya dah tiada kat sini lagi. Saya rasa kecewa dengan pihak sekolah yang telah memandang rendah kredibiliti saya sebagai seprang guru yang berkhidmat di sini hampir dua tahun. Selama ini, saya melakukan tugas tanpa perlu menghebohkannya."

"Namun pada tahun ini, saya dituduh sebagai pemalas, tidak tahu buat kerja, suka tidur, tidak rajin dan sebagainya. Saya kecewa, dan tidak tahu apa masalah saya kerana tiada orang yang mahu tegur kesilapan saya. Saya kecewa dengan sikap GB, dan rakan-rakan guru yang lain kerana tidak bertindak untuk tegur kesilapan saya, tetapi mereka hanya bercakap di belakang sahaja mengenai saya. Dengan ini, saya ingin memberitahu bahawa saya sudah minta tukar sekolah kerana sekolah ini tidak perlukan lagi khidmat guru seperti saya. Terima kasih la ye!! " - Cikgu X-Man
Cikgu X-Man betul-betul emosi masa bercakap. Aku yang dengar pun hampir menangis. Masa dia meluahkan segala-galanya yang terbuku di hati dia tu, semua orang jadi gila tersentap. Lepas Cikgu X-Man ni habis bercakap, GB pun menggulung balik apa yang diberitahu. Apa yang dikatakan oleh GB perlu dirahsiakan lah. Tapi memang suasana meeting room time tu memang macam rumah hantu wa cakap sama lu.

Macamana pun, itu dah keputusan dia untuk pindah. Takde orang yang boleh halang dia lagi. Cuma apa yang aku sedihkan ialah, kita rakan setugas sepatutnya  ambil berat tentang hal-hal macam ini. Kalau rakan setugas buat hal, cubalah tegur sebaik mungkin. Jangan sampai melarat macam ni. Sedih...Bye Cikgu X-Man. Harap bersabar ya.Itulah dugaan namanya.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bloggers Meetup | Me & Remy aka. BudakHutan |

Sumpah! Aku kering idea nak tulis apa lagi kat blog ni. Life sekarang busy dengan sekolah dan murid-murid jer. Dah kering dah pelawat keluar masuk blog hampeh ni. Haha..

Tapi tujuan utama sekarang ni aku nak cerita pasal aku jumpa rakan blogger kita iaitu Encik Remy aka. BudakHutan. Sempat gak aku jumpa dengan pakwe Sabahan ni. Bukan senang nak jumpa blogger sabahan kan?

Sebenarnya, aku suka gak tengok-tengok korang gather sana sini. Tapi bagi aku, aku tak dapat rasa best bila blogger jumpa ramai-ramai. Its best kalau jumpa dua tiga orang, lepak and borak. Thats more fun dari jumpa ramai-ramai dan lagi menyedihkan bila ada blogger yang disisihkan. Kan, bosan tu?

Planning nak jumpa si Remy ni masa dapat tau dia nak turun berkursus kat Melaka. Tak sangka dapat juga jumpa dengan dia, sebab kalau nak diikutkan jadual aku hari ni memanglah sangat-sangat meletihkan. Mana taknya, kat sekolah sekarang sebuk ajar budak-budak berkawad untuk kejohanan olahraga tahunan.

Macamana pun, kitorang tak sempat nak borak lama-lama sangat. Dah janji nak belanja dia makan McD. So, borak-borak time makan, then hantar dia sampai pintu kapal terbang lepas tu baru aku balik. Ok aku tipu je part tu.  

Overall aku selesa dengan Remy. Seorang yang berjiwa lepak , easy dan fun. Jom ramai-ramai tunaikan impian Remy nih yang nak sangat pergi jumpa awek jepun. Korang votelah dia dekat Flymas Mobi tu. Dan jangan lupa tengok Remy mandi dalam toilet di blog dia. Ok? Chow...

Eh, Remy ko luper nak bagi aku ikan masin yang aku pesan dari sabah tu woiiii :)

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Praktikal di SK Lelaki Jalan Batu !

Hey yall. Starting 1st February 2010, I will be busy for 3 months practical at Sekolah Kebangsaan Pendidikan Khas Jalan Batu (Batu Road School) , Kuala Lumpur. Yeah, I know that some of you might have seen this school. (look at the pic liao!)

I hope that 3 months will be going fast. I can’t imagine what’s going to happen later because this is the first time I will be hooking up with the public transport. I might be carpooling in the morning, but I will catch up the LRT and bus after school period. The journey is from Sultan Ismail LRT to Maluri LRT. And from Maluri LRT, I will be taking a bus to go home. Sad lorh. It must be tiring, with the school - teachers – and kids, lessons plan, public transports, and most of all is the jammed-packed! Cool down neo, you can do it.

My journey home from school-lrt station-bus stop...

Yes I will be cikgu nurul again. Like always, I will be assembling at the school hall singing Negara-ku on every morning, and will be teaching whatever subjects that they might give me. Preparing myself with that, I just bought stuffs that are necessary before I go to practical. Remember, red pen is a must! A big canvas bag to put all the school stuff, markers, manila cards, A4 papers and all. Basically, when practical hits me, I will be forking a lots of money on buying schools stuff, and this thing would make me pokai you know!

Hurm, my friend has told me that this school was a little bit rough. Not worry too much on the kids, but the teachers are pretty fussy. I am quite worried about it. So, I do have to prepare my mind before facing them. Fuhh, challenging siot.

Ok kids. From now on, I will be your silent readers. So please don't expect me to blog walks, comments, crazily like before. Let’s get to work work work, yall.

My lecturer has suggested me to take the English subject, its cool ;) 

I Destroy All Advices With My Firegun. So What?

Unhappy. I understand that Im not being grateful with this great life that God has given me. I am not listening to advices and tend to throw advices in the trash box and burn it with my fire gun. Im a very bad-bad person. You shouldn't advice me this and that. I would never listen.

Happy. Im so envy with you. Im not like you, chill out with friends, pillow talks with your mother, talking about boyfriends or girlfriends with your father, celebrating your birthday party gracefully, no no no. I don't have that kind of life, and it is sux to explain mine. I just have nothing but a dull life.

But thruthfully, on top of having a sux life, I was happy with this person who I called a very best friend.Yes its you Im talking about. Thank you for always there through my ups and downs. You taught me about how life really goes, about all the goods and bad things in life, to always be rational in whatever action I takes, you comments and critics me at almost everything that I did. Yes, I was glad and proud having a friend like you. You make me think that : hey, life isnt that bad, huh.

But, have changed. The things that you always said to me, turns to be twisted with things you acted. I no longer trust you, like I trusted you before. That little light turns to be dark again. I am once more in that dark hole, hugging myself, alone crying. But thanks, anyway. Im glad that you fooled me. Because thats the best way to stole you, and to only be with you.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Lets Go Green Kids, To The Garden We Go!

These are pictures of my kids playing in the garden.
This activity is good to improves their fine motor skills, especially for the special children. I hope to do it more often with the kids. Hip on your boots, and lets go green , kids!

Next time, gonna put some of my own pix in my own entry. okay. lol.

Sometimes, I just love seeing the kids doing their job at the school yard. They not really got the gardening skills, but they really shows their best on the field. Some of them can spend entire hour just bragging and toying with the sand, while others can be very busy breaking up the soil with their tiny hoes.They really enjoy the moment, and they were not afraid to got dirty. Erk, hello teacher, u are afraid to be dirty dont you? But, as a teacher, I cant be too picky about this. I have to do all works to show the kids that Im capable of everything. I did some hoeing la, to show that Im cool with it. Ceh macam tak pernah pergi kebun tolong mak ke?

In my observation for today, I think these kids have found their new hobby at the garden which is collecting worms!. " Teacher , got worms ah here..I want to collect it and give it to our fishes in the pond ". So there they go, leaving all the garden's equipment and started to collect as much worms that they can find. They took the banana's leaf , formed it into cups , and throw the worms inside. Its cool, yet disgusting you know. Just after the garden session, the kids ran to the pond and feed up the hungry fishes. They were excited, and guess what? Me either.

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