Saturday, February 20, 2010

Terapi Cara Kerja, Untuk Kanak-Kanak Berkeperluan Khas.

Hello, Im back;) These photo was taken during my class with my Indonesian's kids which are Fedrian and Biyaming. Fedrian is very passive and shy, while Biyaming is a hyperactive kid. They are low function's kids , and now I'm thinking what activity that suits for them to increase their fine motor skills, because they are still weak in eye-hands coordination. Teachers out there, please contribute some ideas. ;)

Fedrian Shah (left), and Biyaming (right)

Train them to put the string inside the hole. It looks like easy, but not for them.

Nice, good try kids. Must do lots of drills;)

Yaming, such a very handsome boy. I must give him more task after this because he cant stay put even in a minutes.

Fedrian, such a very polite boy. So smooth in talking, and always being bullied. He tried to talks, but I cant really catch what does his means.

Fedrian looks very hard to hold pencil , and he is weak in coloring session. Yaming is excellent in coloring but he always mumbling. He makes my class noisy, but cheerful.

Yaming, he cannot really concentrates(autisme) , but atleast he tried to complete his task.

Fedrian, I need to give him more therapy on his gross motor skills. He is very weak in colouring.

See you back in school okay guys?

Footnote : It was really funny to see how my colleague talks in Indonesian language with this kids. Hahaa..

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