Monday, June 30, 2008

Bad sites of me

A part of me that I like, but people hate it so much!!!!

" Do they care anyways? "

Ha - ha.. This is a part of me that i really hate to admit..
I really don’t like to take any port on any important news surrounds me..
If you ask me about countries and places, i can hardly give u a correct answers..
Or maybe if you ask me when is the independents day, i might have to think twice to answer correctly.. heh - heh..
Even if you ask me where is the national monument? I think i might be the person that you never wanna ask any - any more..
To make it clear, i am a person that don’t really care about what happen surrounds me..
That’s the bad things inside of me you see..
Sometimes my mom scold me as i become selfish for just minding my own world..
huhu...But that just me, .. As I said, I like, but people do hate it so much!

" Do I really care,? "

Ta – ta

Monday, June 23, 2008


Yah, yah, yah..I have been receiving a lot of comments from the shout box telling me that my blog look quite complicated..I do realize it somehow, but I think I just don't have enough time to find a suitable templates for my blogs. And for your information, my blog's template that you been seeing right now is my own creation. I have not yet exploring the webs to find the great ones, so i decided to create my own. I am so addicted of playing the HTML codes to give my blogs a new here it is..the purple monkey and all stuffs that kind of messy here and there..i know..huh..Some of the bloggers complaint thats there are too many pop ups when they entered my blogs..Hum..for that problem, I also not quit sure why..Maybe I'd putted severals ads here, and caused the pop ups..I'm so sorry for all of the inconvenient to all bloggers out there..I did ask some bloggers on selecting the best templates for blogs. Some said that the 'word press' offering a lots of the cool templates. So i guess,i will be looking forward to make a changed..Just give me sometimes, kayh..Chow Sin Chii =p

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Colours Will Bring The Magic Of You

My colour is Lavender Violet!!What about yours?

*imaginative, builder, and visionary*

~ You are capable of making magic, your intuitive inside coupled with your ability to manifest your ambition are some of your greatest assets both to yourself and to others. Try not to juggle too much or be pulled towards indecisions . Your personal colours inspires visions and confidence Wearing, meditating or surrounding yourself with Lavender Violets reminds you to rebuild your dreams one step at a time ! ~

* Enjoy exploring yourself with its really fun when you get to know what kind of person you are by just clicking those colours..try it!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Smoking is a bad habit!

Hello,mesti korang tak suker boyfriend korang merokok kan ? Aku lagi tak suker. Kalau aku jalan kat luar and ader jer orang yang merokok sekitar aku, dah sah aku mencarut tak tentu pasal *dalam hati la..For all the smokers out there, Im really sorry if I write any wrongs here. Very unfortunate for me coz my boyfriend is a heavy smokers too! I feel like shit when I just have to keep my breath whenever he smokes. I feel really uncomfortable! I gave a lot of advices, and trying so hard to block him from smoking habits. But, it seems really hard to him to quit. Just imagine 4 boxes of cigarettes per day??? Buzz off man...
So, I did some research on the webs and I found some little things that I can share with the readers. ATTENTION!
The BENEFITS of quit smoking
-Increase your stamina
-Decrease the risk of cancer and heart disease
-Good breath & breath easily
-Decrease coughing problem
-Freshness of body and mind
-Healthy lungs and heart
-Save money
-Saving peoples that you love
Why is it very hard to QUIT???

-The nicotine inside the cigarettes makes you addicted to it
-A person who smokes will feel excitement for a short term, their heart beats become fast; they will feel fresh and not sleepy.
-Smokers will always feel tired and sullen when they don’t get to smokes
-Fidgety and nervous when addicted to smokes.

Ways to STOP!!
1 *Get to realize that you have serious problem!!
2* Make a decision
3* Set a date to quit!
4* Plan days for quitting smokes
5* Avoid any of influences for smoking
6*Ask a friend for help
7*Find any healthy activities to works out
8*Build your self confidence
9* Make a reminders to keep on remind you to quit

8 Important Tips to AVOID smoking!
1- Take a deep breath
2- Drink a lot of waters
3- Do something else! Get yourself busy!
4- Chew something * Chewing gum
5- Take a bath!
6- Wash hands
7- Make a simple 3 minute exercises
8- Meditations or pray!

Monday, June 16, 2008

My first day in new sem!

What happened in class today?
My classmates are really "halloo ballo"

Kat bawAh ni EX monitor kat kelas aku..harini kitorang buat election..hahah

* Julal bin Tapa yang macam siottt*

Hari ni dorang buat perlantikan AJK baru..
Ofcoz la aku tak tersenarai kan
Sebab aku ni pemalas orangnyer..
harap maklum yer sumer..
Sila lantik orang yang berkaliber sahaja..
By the way, aku benci gak rini sebab kene boom nagn parent pagi tadi before gerak..
sioot..baru nak bersemangat aku dah down balik!
Bosan giler aku..first dah aku takder mood,tapi Bab bergambar ader plak mood sioott...
Ni aku ngan dayah..Aku nak balik naIk bus, So aku kuar kan duit singgit..
Dayah plak bantaI main PSP lam kelas..huhu

Hurm..aku rase cam takder mood nak g campus esok..
So..i want to make an announcement la..
Esok aku CUTI balik yer...
Sesuke hati mak bapak aku jerk..

*see more on my class election at my you tube favorite, just click on this link! *

Ends of Holls

Kuliah dah start esok..
There you go..The same hectic life for everyday..
Round and round in the same circle,
Student's life is sux, but by the way its really great though!

New sem..
New subjects..
Nice lecturers..
Stupid lecturers..

It is all very exhausting to tell..!
Huh, you guys..I will be seeing you all tomorrow!
Tomorrow is a new day for me!
New day,
Fresh airs,
New determinations!

~ malasnye aku nak habiskan sisa cuti yang bermakne ni~

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Backgrounds its all about

UHHH..neway, i am not asleep yet..
y dont i just share something for the new bloggers outside there..
here a lil tips u can do to change your background picture..
its really easy..really easy..

1) Pick any pics that you like , and upload it at

2) Copy the URL codes

3) Go to your blog, click customize > edit HTML

4) Find the same codes like this

#outer-wrapper {
margin: 0 auto;
border:1px solid #f9f9f9;
width: 1000px;
text-align: $startSide;
background: $mainBgColor url( top;
font: $bodyFont;

5) Paste the URL codes by changing the bold (white text)

6) Preview your blog, and see how it works!


Any comments are welcome..

Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy Babah's Day!


My Lovely BABAH

*babah aku yang macam budak2,yang suker loyer buruk,sporting and garang*

-I just wanna make a shout over here...

Happy Father's Day Babah!!!!

And pada sape2 yang dah jadi babah kat luar sane, happy dadees day too!! To my abah, tanx for always be a great father to your child. You've done so much for us..i can never pay for every single things thats you'd give to us-

-It is father's day today , and i never get to wish you and kiss you, bah. Because you always busy with your works. Yesterday you are at Lumut, and today you've gone to Sarawak..I just wish that you can at least take a little rest from all of your hectic life style..You are too workchoholic, bah. You, yourself admitted it. Its okay bah, I know its all for our sake.Thank you bah, because your time, presence and caring. I hope you know that you are always someone to look up to no matter how tall I've grown -

Here is a sweet poem for you, bah.
Daughter to father poems . A Little Girl Needs Daddy poem

A little girl needs Daddy
For many, many things:
Like holding her high off the ground
Where the sunlight sings!
Like being the deep music
That tells her all is right
When she awakens frantic with
The terrors of the night.

Like being the great mountain
That rises in her heart
And shows her how she might get home
When all else falls apart.

Like giving her the love
That is her sea and air,
So diving deep or soaring high
She'll always find him there.

- your daughter, ena -
(*your little budak itam,my father always call me that,hahah!)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Online Games Links!!

Aku suke main game online. Sebenarnye rase real, sebab gaduh2 dengan orang yang tgh online jugak huhu. Aku letak sekali link mini games such as flash games. So kalau korang suke, silalah explore link - link game yang cambest kat bawah ni ok? Mainlah sepuas hati!

Ikhlas dari kepala ke lutut, neo si lampu neon.

Aku diri aku

Aku panas lah
Berlengas - lengas dah nie..
Panas betul petang ni..
Mr.Abu ajak hang out tapi aku ngah kereng plus takde mood.
Moody sebab certain things are yet not settled.
Moody ni jugaklah penyebabnye aku jadi lost of appetites,dizzy, and very damned lazy.
* Aku kalau dah malas tu makan pun aku malas gak.
* Malas nak g dapur, angkat pinggan, amik nasik, cedok lauk, minum air.MALASNYE!
* Aku dok lam bilik ngan laptop,time semayang je aku semayang, yang lain itu disorders!
Bile la aku nak come back to the real world ni.
Sejak cuti 3 minggu ni, aku asyik macam ni jerk.
No positive changes langsung.
16 hb ni dah start nue sem.
Aku ader azam baru.
My new determination is to vanished the 'toyol in exam' habits.
I don't usually do that, but since i saw my friends did that kind of behavior, i just intend to do that too.
I did that because a reason.
Mainly because I had taken a quite tough subjects for this sem.
I think it is not a good reason why i cheated in exams rite?
Sigh,I think i became like this because of the pressures that mostly come from the lecturers..
Some of the lecturers are quited impudent.Sometimes, they can be very harsh towards students until they not showing any respect for us.
I'm not asking that much, but we as student also need some respects.
I don't agree when lecturers use bad words to students. I also hate it when the lecturers beats students whenever they wished for.
Its really unfair when you teach someone badly, and later on you wished your students to perform well in exams.
Hell no, for me.
Anyways, I don't have to write this much because it doesn't matter rite now.
What i know is when the result comes out, I know its not valid for me and others.
Because we've cheated.
Bye now.

-thats ol for now lah-

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Charity works

~~Assalamualaikum to everyone!!Yesterday i shared about how i want to spend my money based on my interest. But today i want to share about how i want to spend my time and money on something that will bring benefits to me and to others too!Hehehe its a charity work , dude what else?! Since i enter the world of special education, i have my own conscious towards the helpless people around me.Oh, forget to mention, i also wanted to interfere in humanitarian world. So maybe charity works is'nt only about helpless people, but also the source of natures and living things. I really wanted to give an effort and contribute my energy and money on people who really in needs. Lets see what kind of charity work that i've found over here..=p ~~




What kind of activities involved in the charity work??
Ahahah (its kind of community services , i guess)

1. Participate in therapeutic activities and discover new interests and friends ( *Sometimes they will ask you to accompany one patient so the patient have someone to communicate & talk to )
2. Entertaining them with singing, dancing and gaming ( *Usually depends on the organization of the company )
3. Other activities such as ( * Preparing meals, providing transportation for patient during the day care, organizing activities, fundraising events, charity bazaar and many more )
4. To help teach (* Tuition, living skills, computer lessons, sports/games, art and craft, music and dance, floral arrangements, tailoring, cooking/baking or hairdressing )
5. To provide a service ( * Medical, dental, optical, spring cleaning, gardening, repairs/maintenance including for electrical products, air-conditioners, house wiring, etc, transport, hairdressing, groceries or laundry )
6. To help organize ( *fundraising efforts, PR events, advertising campaigns, outings/recreation or camps )
7. To help in other ways


Oryte, let me tell you, why should you join the charity works>>

1. Its a good deeds,
2. Dapat pahala tau
3. Disabuse towards helpless people
4. Showing some cares to them and to make them happy once in a while
5. Atleast you are not snoring on your bed and making eye wax all the free hours!


Who can join this charity works??

(* I am still studying, and i would like to join during long terms holidays )

1. Adults
2. Students
3. Interns
4. Retired persons
5. Professionals
6. Consultants
7. Housewives
8. Grandmothers and grandfathers!


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I want to spend my money on this!


~Hye there!!Enjoying something differents in life brings up a lot of motivation in me..I wanna share with you my ideas about how I am gonna spend my money to feeds my needs.For your information , I enjoy outdoor activities as it helps me to leaves all my trouble behind and not to forget, these activities need me to fork out some money, of course ..Oh ya, my spotted areas are only around KL, becoz it is low cost budget and you can save your energy too.But some of my spotted activities doest not exist in KL,so i suggest another place that nearer. Here are some activities that i wished and planned to do if i have any free time~

1. Paintball * Segamat Golf Club, JohorLocation - Subang jaya - Bukit Jalil * Cost - Rm60 for 40 bullets *

2. Go Kart * Location - Shah alam - Sepang * Cost - Rm30 for 10 minutes go - kart *

3. Water sports (water scooter, windsurfing and water skiing) * Location - Kundang Lake,Rawang - Port Klang,Pulau Indah - PD,N9 * Cost - Not sure

4. Sky diving * Location - Training at KL, but the jumps will be done in Segamat Golf Club, Johor * Cost - RM 150.00 - RM 200.00 per jump*

* berani ke aku wat bende ni????arrghhh...nak try...nak try sesangat!!

For the best link, you can search it over here!



Monday, June 09, 2008

Boys are sux


  1. What i really hate about boys???

- liar , liar , liar

- gatal

- egoistic

- they looks cool becoz they have stupid brain

- lazy

  1. What i really love about boys???

- strong, so i can take advantage on em'

- simple & easy

- their muscles =p


*sorry if i did any wrong judgement, so please correct me!!!hahahah (good girl gone bad)

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Dooms Day Hari Kiamat

~ Today i woke up at 12 afternoon . sharp . ~~ huhu my mom scolded me and i just gave her a bitter smile..Actually there's something happen to me that makes me a lil' bit shocked this morning ( not only today, but the same day before this ) ..i mean, its not rarely happened , but it always come towards me..I don't know since when it started to haunt me, but i know its hard for me to vanquished make it simple..what am i talking about is just a dream..I always had a same dreams. Every time it comes, i felt very scared, frightened, and my heart beats extremely fast as the dreams is always about kiamat ( the dooms day )..Thats all i can say for now..( malas nak cerita lebih, nanti aku sambung balik kay! ) ~ neway..gambar2 kat bawah ni la yang salu emerged when the dream comes..takut sioot..i cant bare it, the pics is not really exact,tp lebeh kurang macam ni la..

* salunyer aku mimpi bumi ni jatuh ke bawah, bawah maner aku tak tau la, tapi bumi ni explode and graviti hilang.

*kebiasaannyer, dalam mimpi tu dunia ni jadi gelap gulita..

*oya, kilat and guruh plak tak henti2 memanah manusia..kekadang aku pun kene panah gak..

*neway, macam ader atu tsunami pada bumi,bumi berlipat2,melipat sekali manusia..manusia melambung2, termasuk aku sekali la..

*Awan plak gelap, cahaya matahari takder..

*Cahaya matahari tak dapat lagi tengok macam dulu,semua berubah menjadi menakutkan..

*yer, baper kali nak cerita pasal matahari yer??tak luper juga keadaan jadi panas giler..

*awan jadi hitam keoren merah - merahan..hitam + oren + merah..

*macam aku cakap tadi, kilat macam nak giler..menyambar semua makhluk..

*macam ni la ruper kilat tu..tapi dalam mimpi aku, kilat dier lagi BESAR..macam giler

*kebakaran pun berlaku di mane2 sahaja sebab sumer dah musnah..

*dunia jadi gelap, semua orang lari lintang pukang nak selamatkan diri..tapi tak selamat pun,semua mati termasuk aku

*bila kiamat datang, tiada lagi peluang kedua tau tak!!tapi dalam mimpi aku, aku dapat second chance..tah paper tah..

*awan hitam berkepul2..takde saper nak tolong ko time tu..dalam mimpi aku salu jerit name ayah mak aku..but they all pun tak dapek nak nolong der..masing2 tercampak dan terpisah jauh

*ingatlah manusia bahawa kiamat itu BENAR dan akan TERJADI..

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Theory Charles Darwin VS Alquran

*Salam..harini aku nak bercerita sedikit tentang bacaan aku tentang kes teori evolusi Darwin dan percanggahannya dalam perkara yang termaktub dalam al-quran. Harini baru aku betul2 paham tentang proses kejadian manusia ni dengan lebih jelas lagi.Check it out..

*Ok,jom kita kenali serba sedikit tentang Darwin ni..beliau ni dilahirkan di Shrewsbury, Shropshire, Inggris. Latar belakang keluarga dia ni terdiri daripada golongan yang boleh dikatakan kaya. Jadi, hasilnya..Darwin ni dapat membesar dengan baik serta mendapat pendidikan yang sempurna.Bila dia meningkat dewasa, dia mula minat dalam bidang geologist iaitu kajian mengenai alam kehidupan..

* Ok, untuk mengukuhkan lagi pendapat bahawa teori ni tak betul, kita boleh tengok latar belakang Darwin ni. Sebenarnya Darwin tidak pernah dapat pendidikan biologi secara formal. Beliau hanya meminati subjek alam semulajadi dan benda-benda hidup..Minat yang tinggi pada alam semulajadi ni membuatkan dia mengembara mengelilingi berbagai kawasan-kawasan yang berbeza di seluruh dunia selama lima tahun.Sejak tu, dia mula tertarik dengan berbagai spesies hidupan..

* Banyak orang berpendapat bahawa teori Darwin ni telah menghina kejadian manusia yang telah diciptakan oleh Allah s.w.t..(aku pun agreed) . Ini kerana, teori ini terang - terangan menghina nenek moyang kita iaitu Nabi Adam dan Hawa..

*Inilah cover buku yang telah diterbitkan hasil daripada penyelidikan Charles Darwin.Buku ini menjelaskan berkenaan tentang asal - usul speisis 'The Origin of Species' . Dalam buku ini,Charles Darwin telah menjelaskan evolusi manusia generasi demi generasi menurut proses alam. Buku ini juga telah mencetuskan kontroversi dalam bidang sains dan agama.*Benda ni buat aku curious..heheh dah lame nak tau pasal bende ni..hari ni yall nak kongsi dengan korang pasal info si Darwin ni..

* Hehehe, ni lah gambar si Darwin ni..orang edit gambar dier jadi beruk.Adeke dier cakap manusia ni berasal dari generasi beruk @ mawas?Perkara ni dah luar tabii, buat pengetahuan semua, evolusi yang dikatakan oleh Darwin ini ternyata tidak benar.Menurut kajian lain, evolusi ini juga merupakan teori yang gagal..*Korang nak tau dengan lebih lanjut, kene la bace sampai bawah..banyak lagi aku nak explain nieh..sabar ek..
* Actually, asal usul kewujudan dan kepercayaan evolusi ini adalah disebabkan kepercayaan yang menolak kewujudan ciptaan Allah s.w.t..Kalau korang tak peraya, hanya orang yang tidak beragama atau tidak teguh pendirian agamanya sahaja yang masih mempertahankan evolusi ni..Buktinya, kalau kita buat research tentang ahli-ahli falsafah yang tak beragama, dorang memang setuju benar dengan teori ni..* So, wujudnya teori yang macam ni mendatangkan banyak percanggahan pendapat bagi golongan yang beragama yang yakin dengan kewujudan Allah.s.w.t..
*Darwin ni percaya sangat yang manusia ni dari satu generasi yang makin lame makin berubah sebab faktor persekitaran. *Contoh yang aku dapat tengok ialah pandangan beliau ke atas paruh burung. Dia kate, paruh burung ni berbeza-beza disebabkan habitat dan persekitaran mereka. So, dia percaya bahawa setiap yang berlaku itu datang daripada adaptasi kepada persekitaran.In addition, dia percaya bahawa alam spesies kehidupan yang berbeza ni bukan datang daripada Allah, akan tetapi datang daripada satu mamalia yang berubah menjadi berbeza- beza atas sebab persekitaran..


*Penat explain pasal teori Darwin ni..apa kata kita tengok plak proses kejadian manusia ni menurut Al-quran..?
*Asal - usul manusia ni bermula dengan malaikat Izrail yang telah diperintah oleh Allah untuk mengambil sebahagian tanah untuk dijadikan bahan untuk menjadikan Adam..Tanah yang diambil ini berasal dari bumi dan syurga..antara tanah-tanah tu ialah :
*Amacam?Hebat tak kuasa Allah s.w.t. dalam menciptakan kaum Adam ni?Subhanallah..Selepas mencampurkan semua tanah tu , Allah telah mencampurkan dengan air tawar, masin dan hanyir beserta api dan angin..Kemudian Allah resapkan Nur ke dalam tubuh itu dengan pelbagai "sifat".Tanah itu dicampurkan lagi dengan wangian dan ramuan dari Nur-Sifat Allah. Kemudian, tubuh tersebut dibenam dalam "Kudral 'Izzah" iaitu sifat "Jalan dan Jammal" lalu disempurnakan tubuh tersebut.Lepas tu, Allah tiupkan roh dan memaksa roh memasuki tubuh tersebut..Dengan itu, sempurnalah kejadian manusia pertama (Adam) digelar sebagai "Abul Basyar" iaitu Bapa Manusia.

*Bukti kekuasaan Allah s.w.t ini dapat dilihat dalam Alquran yang menyatakan bahawa ""Kemudian air mani itu Kami jadikan segumpal darah, lalu segumpal darah itu Kami jadikan segumpal daging, dan segumpal daging itu Kami jadikan tulang-belulang, lalu tulang belulang itu Kami bungkus dengan daging. Kemudian Kami jadikan dia makhluk yang (berbentuk) lain. Maka Maha Sucilah Allah, Pencipta Yang Paling Baik" (Al Qur'an, 23:14)"

*Menurut Al-Quran, manusia terbentuk hasil dari percantuman antara air benih lelaki dan wanita. Ia juga menerangkan bahawa penciptaan manusia dari setitik air mani, dan pencantuman antara benih lelaki dan telur wanita.Air mani ini kemudiannya bertukar menjadi segumpal darah.

*Embrio yang sedang membesar disifatkan sebagai manusia ketika berumur 40 hingga 42 hari. Al-Quran juga menyatakan bahawa embrio membesar di dalam tiga keadaan atau dinding yang gelap. Dalam istilah sains, mungkin 3 keadaan ini merujuk kepada dinding perut ibu, dinding uterine dan amniochorionic.

* Dari segumpal darah ke segumpal daging, Allah s.w.t telah membentukkan tulang, kemudian membungkuskan tulang dengan daging. *Perubahan proses yang berterusan menyebabkan pemeringkatan embrio manusia amat kompleks.*Korang clear tak pasal bende ni ? Meh aku terangkan balik..manusia ni berasal dari setitik air mani --> segumpal darah --> segumpal daging --> tulang - belulang --> otot dan daging...


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