Sunday, November 29, 2009

Scrumptious Sandwich Make Me High

 Home made sandwich.
Since that our parents are not around today, my sister and I have made sandwiches for our lunch. Oh it’s much tasted like subway sandwiches, plus I had it for two times around.

I supposed that the key in making scrumptious sandwich is the toppings. I made it layer by layer with salads, tomatoes, cucumber, and  also chicken slices. What makes sandwich taste really good is the combination of the sauces. I like to mix all kind of sauces like mayonnaise, thousand island, mustard and chilies. Some pickles would be nice too. The feeling of the sweet, sour, hot, and spicy all in one bread make me high!



Nurul Aina Zakaria Is Celebrating Her Typical Birthday.


Friday, November 27, 2009

Kill The Giant Gummy Bears Before It Runaway!

Does anyone want to give me packs of Gummy Bear as a present for my coming birthday? If you do, please don’t give me the classic tiny gummy bears, now that Im bigger girl so I wanted to taste a bigger one now.

I’m sure most of you had taste a gummy bears before. As for me, I love to go to the candy shop and buy a packet or two. Gummy bears are fruits snacks that are chewable, sweets, sticky, and its look like rubber. There are a lot of sizes and colors that you can find, but most that I have bought before not as big as you can see in the picture. Its on sell in 9 ½ to 12 ½ inch tall , and you can either eat it all by yourself or kill and cut the bear into pieces like Mona Fendi did. ;)

FYI, the candies are made from USA and the price of this monster candy is 30 bucks – quite expensive right? It’s available in several flavors like blue raspberry, red cherry and green apple. I would prefer to have the blue raspberry but, where can I find it in Malaysia? Maybe online shopping will do, but afraid that once the gummy reach Malaysia, it might shrinks like cucumber pickles already LOL.

Here, a funny video about this GIANT GUMMY's invention.

P/s : My birthday present?When?

I dare You To Beats Noah!

I was busy having fun with you tube and I have found this. A very bizarre video that some of you guys might never see before.This clip is about a handsome guy name Noah that had taken his photos in same style everyday for 6 years! There are a lot more different version of this vids that you can find in youtube and it seems like a syndrome as everybody is trying to make their own book of records. However,somes had said that this video is a scams because it may takes only days to snaps thousands of photos. My suggestion, just have a look and judge.

If you think your eyes are strong enough to stare with Noah in 5 minutes, you are totally a victor. Trust me, you will be excite to watch it at the first second or two, but you possibly will feels dizzy and like to vomit a  few minutes after that. I had to hit the stop button and surrendered at time of 59 seconds. It is so loser quitting in such early, ha-ha. I just can’t stand the charmed that Noah has gave me with his two big balls of eyes.

How about you guys, wanna have a try? Look if you can win this challenge. Have fun with this video and watch it till the end. You can blink but you can’t close you eyes and no cheating ok.

Lets dare yourself to watch this!Can you beat Noah?
Oh come on, watch it or leave it!

P/s : Speaking about eyes, do you know that we blink our eyes every 5 seconds and it is estimated that human blink about 17000 times a day or 6.25 millions times in a year? Aren’t we tired of blinking? I think that’s why we have got to sleep.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

How To Make Banana Milkshake

Go yellow, go banana! Today im gonna show you on How To Make Banana Milk Shake.First of all, you will need a full crime cream milk.So lets follow me, we're gonna squeeze the cow nipples for fresh milk!You know that the freshers, the better!

Now, lets go harvest at the farmville. Take as many bananas as you wish and bring it home baby.It doesn't matter on how big your banana is. As long as you have a banana, you can have a go!

Next,pours the milk into the blender.As you pours the milk, make sure you sings the milk song by Kelis. Its sounds like this...:

"My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard,
And their like
It's better than yours,
Damn right it's better than yours,
I can teach you,
But I have to charge...La - la - la -la. " ;)

Now you have come to the climax stage where you have to put the chopped banana inside the blender at mix it together with the milk. You can put additional flavor like honey and peanut butter to have it more delicious. While doing the blowblend job, you need to shake your booty and sing the scout banana's song that pretty sounds like this :

"Bananas, Unite !
Peel, Peel, Peel, Peel Bananas.
Slice bananas, slice, slice bananas
Eat bananas, eat, eat bananas
Go bananas, go, go bananas
Go-o-o Bananas !"

There you go. As you drink this banana milkshake, you dont need to have any additional meals anymore.For those who care about their helth, always remember that dont make nasi lemak and roti canai plus teh tarik as your daily meals because its have high cholesterol!Oh...Never mind, i think im typical malaysian that eats nasik lemak almost everyday too. Gee - hee.

Oh baby, come to mama. Mama need you so much!I love it..but only one glass of this would make my stomach full enough.

A little bit facts for today : Bananas is type of fruits that easy to digest. Make it a must to eat this fruit because bananas contain potassium which needed by human for a healthy nervous system.Apart from that, it contains high source of energy and and natural antibiotic.The pectin inside bananas will helps to lower the cholesterol in human body. Go bananas!

p/s : A banana a day keeps the doctor away!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Who is Neo Si Lampu Neon?

Takde yang menarik tentang aku yang ko perlu tahu . Sila tekan butang exit...!
p/s : selamat berkenalan dengan neo si lampu neon.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

PDK Hulu Kelang Group Dinner

Inilah persidangan antara ahli-ahli kumpulan PDK Hulu Kelang .

Kami telah makan malam di Kenny Rodger sehingga pintu kedai mahu tutup dan lampu ditutup memberi signal kepada kami untuk berambus. Kami telah dihalau keluar. Service tidak berapa bagus. Makanan kami beberapa kali disalah hantar oleh waiter.

Sudu dan garfu dan tisu tidak diberi, kami terpaksa meminta.Yang penting kami makan dan makan. Dan kami makan sundae sebagai pencuci mulut.Dan kami spend almost Rm200 untuk makan malam kami yang julung-julung kali diadakan. Yang penting kenyang tahap max. Siap I pesan kat waiter, tolong bungkus ayam I ni...;)

Tamat untuk post kali ini. ;)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Isteri Mengidam.

Pernah dengar kes orang mengidam? Bak kata si celik pandai, tahap kepekaan deria rasa dan bau jadi extra sensitif bila pempuan mula pregnant. Ini semua disebabkan perubahan hormon. Benda ni dikatakan bila-bila je boleh terjadi. Aku tak boleh explain dengan lebih lanjut sebab aku belum lalui nya lagi. ;) Aku harap kalau aku jadi wifey esok, janganlah mengidam pelik-pelik yang boleh susahkan hubby nanti.

Antara wishes sang ibu yang mengidam pelik-pelik :
  • Memegang hidung harimau
  • Menggigit bontot keling
  • Mengidam pengilat kasut kiwi
  • Mengidam minum air buih sabun
  • Mencium seluar dalam
  • Mengidam bau ketiak suami
  • Mengidam nak khawin lain
  • Mengunyah gelang getah or rubber ban
  • Makan sabun mandi dengan vicks
  • Meminum air dari dalam toilet bowl
  • Mengidam nak makan selipar
  • Nak hadiahkan teddy bear yang besar
  • Nak makan gel rambut
  • Nak makan ulat mulung Sarawak
  • Nak makan tanah
  • Nak makan daging ruse puteh
  • Ketagih meratah serbuk kopi
  • Mengidam mintak gigit telinga suami
  • Mengidam nak jilat tingkap KLCC tingkat 45
  • Mengidam nak gigit divider jambatan pulau pinang
  • Mengidam minum minyak Petrol - new
  • Mengidam minum minyak kapak - new
Bila terbaca list-list ni, mesti rasa macam ridiculous kan? Tapi ianya kes yang betul-betul berlaku. Apa yang penting? Si hubby kenalah turutkan kehendak si wifey ni. Dengar citer, kalau si wife tak dapat benda yang diidamkan tu, nanti bila baby dah keluar esok, air liur baby asyik meleleh je. Adakah ini fakta atau auta?

Ada caranya untuk mengatasi masalah mengidam ni, mula-mula kenalah amalkan makanan yang seimbang, ambil makanan yang kalori rendah je macam oat atau yogurt itupun tak boleh diambil secara berlebihan tau. Kalau rasa mengidam tu tak hilang-hilang, digalakkan pergi jalan-jalan ambil angin ke, tengok wayang ke, atau bersenam. Paling penting, kena ada sokongan kuat dari semua orang terutamanya hubby tu kenalah faham situasi bini dier.

Amcam kalau you guys jadi hubby? Nak ikutkan kehendak wife atau tak? Slurrp!

P/s : Kenapa aku masih boleh double post sedangkan esok ada exam? watthefec.


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