Tuesday, February 02, 2010

They Are Gone, Only Sad Memories Left For Me To Remember.

I gotta emergency call from Aika just now. I got numb attacks when she tells me a death news about our long lost friend from BBGS, Myezurah Zainal. From what Aika has told me, Maizurah got hit up by an accident, and the saddest part is, she’s death with preggy.

Im was pretty shock cuz I recently added Maizurah in my facebook account. Seeing that she has now got a kid, I was wondering who that she has married to. Planned to ask her tons of questions becuz we haven’t meet for a very long time already since I moved from BBGS to another school in year 2003. But it is too late. All I can do now is remit her prayers. Al-fatihah.

I am pretty down now, becus this sad news has bring me up to recall the death of another friend of mine , whom that I never got the chance to meet too. My dear, best friend named Shareena. She knows that I hated to go to techniques school, leaving BBGS behind just to obey my parents order. She knew that I was rebelled up about it. But it was 5 years ago. My mom has forced me to stop schooling at BBGS, cuz she assumed that I have got to many bad influences there.

When I was gone, a friend of mine has told me that Shareena has cried over me becuz I didn’t tell her that I was moving out. When I was at SMTKK, I got lost connection with all my high school mates. It was my own mistakes that I left them without any notice. I bring along my broken heart to new school, new environment that I really hate. My parents knew that I hate that school. I cried the moment I reached that horror school. Maybe not becus of the environment, but I was missing all my friends that I ever known ever since I was standard one till form four. Leaving all the memories behind was the saddest thing I ever faced when I was a teenager.

But now, Shareena has gone. I will never ever get to see her again, like I will never ever get to meet Maizurah. Shareena has faced her death about 3 years ago when she fell from some floor to floors at her home-apartment at Taman Miharja. Yes it was a tragic death. She had once cried over me, and then I cried over her lost. Al-Fatihah. Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas roh semua umat Islam yang telah pulang kepadaNya.
I want to live with all of my memories, even if they're sad memories. I believe that if I stay strong, someday I'll overcome the pain, and then I'll be glad that I have those memories. I believe that there are no memories that are okay to forget - Natsuki Takaya

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