Friday, February 05, 2010

Lets Go Green Kids, To The Garden We Go!

These are pictures of my kids playing in the garden.
This activity is good to improves their fine motor skills, especially for the special children. I hope to do it more often with the kids. Hip on your boots, and lets go green , kids!

Next time, gonna put some of my own pix in my own entry. okay. lol.

Sometimes, I just love seeing the kids doing their job at the school yard. They not really got the gardening skills, but they really shows their best on the field. Some of them can spend entire hour just bragging and toying with the sand, while others can be very busy breaking up the soil with their tiny hoes.They really enjoy the moment, and they were not afraid to got dirty. Erk, hello teacher, u are afraid to be dirty dont you? But, as a teacher, I cant be too picky about this. I have to do all works to show the kids that Im capable of everything. I did some hoeing la, to show that Im cool with it. Ceh macam tak pernah pergi kebun tolong mak ke?

In my observation for today, I think these kids have found their new hobby at the garden which is collecting worms!. " Teacher , got worms ah here..I want to collect it and give it to our fishes in the pond ". So there they go, leaving all the garden's equipment and started to collect as much worms that they can find. They took the banana's leaf , formed it into cups , and throw the worms inside. Its cool, yet disgusting you know. Just after the garden session, the kids ran to the pond and feed up the hungry fishes. They were excited, and guess what? Me either.

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