Saturday, February 20, 2010

Siapa Suka Calit Taik Hidung Dekat Dinding? Aku Suka Sangat!

 Aaaahh....besar punya....

Ok. The title is extremely gross! But like it or not, I have to tell you that some people in our community still keep this disgusting habit as their daily routine. Yes, it is true. I just saw it just now at the public toilet , and it makes me like eeeuw. !

Who did this disgusting job, dude? Dont ever pick your nose, and put your nose wax on the wall! Only people without brain, will ever do things like that. My suggestion, if you really cant stop yourself from doing it, just do it at your own walls room. Please, I beg you. Im on my knees now ;(

Do you know that the sticky wax you put on the wall is hard to be removed? Do you know that? Do you understand? I dont know why I am so kind to fire the shits with the water hose, and what makes me more angry is the shits did not wants to come out. It will be sticking hards. This case really happen you know, I was like never stop cursing.

You got my point?Just stop it la,guys. Just throw your shits inside the sinks...or you can just wash your hands after you picks your nose. Not a big trouble isn't it?

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