Tuesday, February 02, 2010

I Am Stressful. Somebody Please Kill Me Before I Kill Somebody?

I wanted to find way to overcome my stress, not way how to get engage!

My mind is extremely stress up! The first day of my practical at S.K Jalan Batu wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. Throughout my experiences before, I have faces lots of special kids and for me, they never been as a big matter for me. But this time at this school, I tell you...fuhh..very challenging okay! The kids are very super-duper hyperactive one. I did my observation to all the classes and found that only a few of them are well behaves while the rest is very hard to control. Sigh. If you don't believe me, your social visits are most welcome.

I got dizzy along my way home and I even cant take a nap, becus my head keep spinning around. Thinking about what could ever happen to me for the rest of 3 months in that school. The kids really has got into my head this time. I got to be strong! Do you know any great caunselor? Please send me one, or just shoot me in the head!

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