Saturday, May 31, 2008

Today is not my day.. is not my day ma...

Have a Nice Day


...thats the only word that i could say...i have been outside the house about 2 hours..Actually i just get back from my friend's wed at Sepang. I arrived about 4.45pm, and realized that no one were at home..i tried to sneaked in the house like i owis did, but i couldn't get in..unfortunately, my hand phone was out of battery..yeah..thats great..
The next thing is, i walked to the public phone nearer the house, but damn it..the public phone was broken..i decided to walked and walked to find another public phone..and i made a S>O>S called..I told my along (elder bro) that i already at home but i cant get in. My along asked me to wait until they come back the way, thats the only choice that i have as we don't have any spare keys at home..With broken heart, i went back home..
After that, i felt very sleepy and hungry and tried to calmed myself down..i ate the kerepek which i get it from my friend's wed, and fall asleep at the corridor on my grandpa's chair..Bengang, thats what i felt..because i don't felt any comfort when i sitting on the 'kerusi malas'..In addition, it made me feel pain at the spine..So,i waited..and waited..until time turned to 6.30p.m..
I finally felt reliefs only when i heard my younger brother's voice..i woke up with the 'bengang face', and wait until sombody open the door..while waiting, i heard that my father teased me like this "haha..padan muke" know what..shit man.
As a result..i lock myself in my room from that hour till late nite..i let myself be in hungry and angry...hehheh...(poyo)...Not a big deal anyway..(serves me right) =p

Uh Huh

Friday, May 30, 2008

Today is my day!!

Assalamualaikum to the readers..,phew..Alhamdullillah..i am so greatful that i already did what i had planned..Its really end up very well and i should be happy bout it..
I guess i don't want to make the same mistakes like this anymore..its really hurt me..
What i do learnt about all this is..theres nothing to be shame of if you put away your ego..

Some people think they are great enough and dont like people to see they are weaknesses..these kind of people always think that their thoughts are always right...They also can be extremely arrogant just to hide their softness inside..But i can see..i can feel it..the truth of the hardcore's heart..i know there are something that i can still fixed out..

And today,i did it!! I manage to soft the very stone heart of human.Yeah yeah..Owya..I am so thankful to Allah the almighty because helps me out a lot. Without Allah, i dont think i can still standing right now..

Hey bebs, I did throw all away my ego just because of this matter..And Alhamdullillah, its really works for me..Its not works only for me, but it works for the others too..Well, i know i made mistakes, i did make an apologized, and i explained what i really wanted , and stick to my plan..And problems are really SETTLE BEB!!


Thursday, May 29, 2008

To : My dear 3 little friends

Hahah!atlast i got my sleep hours back, i finally have some appetite, and i think im just gonna be just FINE, thank you..

so, in this small hours, i'd like to give my high credits to my beloved frenz tat owis been there for me in time that i am so miserable.

you know...without them, i think im surely be in TAMPOI rite now..
so..all my dear 3 littLe frenz out there..(joHN, MeeRa, Nadz,),i want to say that you guys are such a great friend indeed!=p

By the way, im sorry that i burden you guys a lot!!=P

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Manusia dianugerahkan pancaindera oleh ALlah s.w.t...Seharusnya dengan nikmat yang diberi ini, kita bersyukur dan memeliharanya sebaik mungkin..Lihatlah kejadian dunia yang penuh dengan keajaiban..kita pasti terpegun dengan kekuasaan Allah s.w.t atas kebijaksanaanNya menjadikan dunia ini...Alhamdullillah..syukur,kita masih hidup dan bernafas serta masih mampu melihat pemandangan yang indah seperti ini..

Allah itu maha besar...

Allah maha Esa...

Allah itu maha bijaksana...

Sesungguhnya kita harus bersyukur atas nikmat yang diberikan oleh Allah..kerana kita masih dapat melihat keindahan alam cipataannya...

Monday, May 26, 2008

Allah sentiasa ada untuk kita

~ Betul cakap orang .." Cinta pada bunga , bunga akan layu..cinta pada manusia , manusia akan mati..cinta pada Allah, cinta kekal abadi.."

So , this is what i like to do most when I'm depressed..i hope that everybody who had a hard time like me, you guys can do the same way to help yourself to wash away your grieves..Mencari sinar keberkatan dari Allah, Tuhan kita yang maha ESA..Ikutlah cara-cara dibawah :

1. Awali doa anda dengan mengucapkan rasa syukur atas semua anugerah Allah yang
sudah & akan diberikan kepada anda.
2. Memohon bantuan & bimbingan dari Allah agar dapat selalu berdoa dengan sepenuh
hati & perasaan
3. Berdoa agar semua emosi-emosi negatif di hati anda supaya dibersihkan
& dikeluarkan dari hati (setiap emosi negatif di sebut satu persatu dan
didoakan secara khusus satu persatu pula)
4. Memaafkan kesalahan orang lain & berdoa agar semua hal-hal /emosi negatif
yang diakibatkan oleh kesalahan orang lain supaya dibersihkan & dikeluarkan
dari hati.
5. Memohon ampun atas semua kesalahan kita sendiri beserta semua akibat-akibat
negatif yang diakibatkan oleh kesalahan-kesalahan tersebut.
6. Mengakhiri doa dengan pujian & rasa syukur kepada Tuhan.

Cara berdoa kepada Allah ketika hati kita sedang dilanda kegelisahan adalah sangat mujarab..yang penting kita percaya bahawa Allah akan sentiasa membantu hambanya yang diciptakan lemah selemah-lemahnya..Kita juga kene percaya bahawa Allah itu maha adil..dan setiap yang berlaku Dia telah tetap dan tentukan segalanya untuk kita..Kita tidak sepatutnya menyalahkan Tuhan keranan menciptakan kita selemah ini kerana Tuhan telah menciptakan kita untuk kita tunduk dan sujud kepada - Nya. - Nukilan ku, neo

~ Mengikut Ibnu Qayyim, beliau pernah menegaskan bahawa dalam hati itu terdapat kekalutan yang tidak boleh diperbetulkan kecuali dengan mengadap kepada Allah

1. Dalam hati itu terdapat sifat liar
yang tidak mungkin dihilangkan kecuali dengan berjinak-jinak dengan Allah

2. Dalam hati itu terdapat rasa
dukacita yang tidak mungkin dihapuskan kecuali dengan merasa gembira
dengan ma'rifat terhadapNya dan juga benar dalam bermuamalah dengannya

3. Dalam hati itu terdapat perasaan keluh
kesah yang tidak mungkin ditenangkan kecuali dengan berkumpul dan menumpukan
diri kepadanya

4. Dalam hati itu terdapat kegolojohan
dan penyesalan yang tidak mungkin dipadamkan kecuali dengan redha dengan
perintah, larangan dan qada' Allah dan menahan sabar menghadapi perkara
tersebut sehinggalah ke masa pertemuan denganNya

5. Dalam hati itu terdapat rasa kepapaan
yang tidak mungkin disekat kecuali dengan perasaan kasih dan penyerahan diri
kepadaNya,berterusan berzikir dan kebenaran keikhlasan kepadaNya. Jika
dikurniakan dunia dan segala kandungannya kepada hati yang dihidapi perasaan
papa maka ia tidak dapat menghilangkan perasaan tersebut.

~ Nukilan ku, neo


Monday morning

I woke up this morning and i felt deeply hurt inside my heart..
My heart feels very pain, that cause me hard to breathe..
I cant stop the tears even when I'm asleep..
I cant stop my mind from thinking even if i feel so damned jaded..
I cant stop blaming myself for what i have done..
I just cant stop it..
I feel i don't wanna wake up from my dream..
because i know i cant get that dream ever again..
I don't want to face the world..
because i don't think that i can be strong again..
I even hate myself for this..
I hate looking myself in the mirror..
because when i see myself, i cant see ME..

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sahabat yang hilang

Never Forget

How can i start writing, when my hand doesn't feel wanna type???Okay.. i just wanna write a lil' bit about a friend of mine..
Actually i have a good friend..a girlfriend who are really kindhearted, nice, lovely, and has a good brain..i enjoy sharing my ideas and thoughts with her because i found out that her interest mostly equalize like me..
We've been friend about 4 years since i entered IPIK..she was so nice and happy - go -lucky kind of person..but when times goes by..i realize that something wrong about her that make me changed my mind about all the things i ever thought about her..
Today, she's not the person like I'd known before..she is totally changed..i can say that she changed because of cultural shock..she comes from village and you know..never see how the KL stuffs..and she got pretty excited about it..
I don't mind if she thinks that living in KL hood might be more enjoyful than living in a village..i admit that too.Too much fun here until you just got dizzy with it..i leave here..grown up here..but i don't like the social life's here..and i don't like hanging around the town too..because I'm a person who likes to enjoy myself at home is heaven for me..
But not for her...she starts hating her own hometown..she doesn't like to go back the her hometown because she found that KL is more damned interesting..she even told me that at she got nothing to do if she get back to her hometown..she also stated that her parents are too bossy and like to kept her at home..she feels not free and frustrated..
Anyways..time after times..her attitude really makes me bounce of the wall..i really got irritated by her..i don't mind being her friend because i know she doesn't have any others, but i really don't like people changed like the way she had changed..its kind of negatives way i could tell you..
I know that i shouldn't be too much busybody about her lifestyle..i should mind my own business..but i tell you..i cant stop thinking why she's changed like this..i feel sad and i think I've lost a friend. Such a nice friend indeed.

notes: maybe i just leave her alone and let she decides what the best for her life..


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