Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bottlecapt !

What a lovely Tuesday morning, guys. I woke up early today and I made a breakfast meal as have been promised. As I chewed the nuggets with mayo, my eyes were amazed and stopped at Malaysia Hari Ini tv channel. Jeng-jeng-jeng…

I think I know this girl from BBGS. We were schoolmates. Wow, she’s change a lot. Last time I saw her; she was a tomboy with a boyish-haircut. She looks so much different now, so ladylike and her appearance much likes a copy of Malaysian Avril-lavinge. Ewin, you look so gorgeous!

The song they sang with guitars and tambourine was really soothing. Now who says that girls cannot play guitars well? These girls are great I tell you. Good job to Ewin and her gangs. I pray for the glory of your “Bottlecapt” band, and thanks to Malaysia Hari Ini for always supporting new Malaysian Indie Band like them. Bravo!

Check them out here on BottleCapt facebook ;)

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