Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Kereta Proton Persona Hitam !

I saw Lisa Surihani in a black Persona just now! OMG She is superb gorgeous! Hehe…This Lisa Surihani fever will not stop on me. Feel irritated? Please don’t be. Anyways, these are some pictures of our new family member, black Persona.

We already have a gold persona by now, but my brother has bought another one to celebrate his first salary recently. We have supported him to buy persona and not other car because, everybody in the house is in love with persona as it is easy to handle. Anyone of you have drives Proton Persona before? You will know how it feels.

Black is beautiful isn't it?

The black Proton Persona, hey where is Lisa Surihani?

This is my only baby, remember about this post about Mijat The Quantum Of Solace?

My eldest bro with his black Proton Saga BLM. Black also? That was actually my suggestion. He told us that, no one will care to use his lame car as everybody is using Persona now...Hehe..Ehem, he is warming up with his blog now, and Im his mentor.

Lets take out the plastic ok. Why so happy, baby?

That one is my second brother, and this black Persona is his.

We were kinda excited you see, because my brother has got his first scratch on his brand new Persona. Haha, no one else but his fault.

He drove recklessly inside the garage, and that's how he got his first

"Angah nak kumpul scratches ni, akhir tahun baru pergi cat baru. Hahaa... "

Jakun tengok scratch!

So when is my time to get my own new car?

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