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Diculik Selama 3096 Hari : Natascha Kampusch


Haritu saya ada tnegok sebuah cerita yang ditayangkan kat astro ni. Tajuk cerita 3096. Cerita pasal penculikan serorang budak kecik namanya Natascha Kampusch. Last last tengok rupanya ni kisah benar. Sedih gila weh cerita ni...budak perempuan ni kena culik waktu umur dia 10 tahun, hinggalah umur dia 18 tahun...dia terlepas dari penculik tu...nak tau camne dia boleh escape, korang tengok lah cerita 3096 tu...sedih gila !

Waktu dia terlepas dari penculik tu kan..penculik tu lari bunuh diri kat jalan keretapi. Huuu ~

Wikipedia : 

poster natascha hilang

Natascha Kampusch Maria (lahir 17 Februari 1988) adalah seorang wanita Austria yang telah diculik pada usia 10 pada 2 Mac 1998. Kampusch telah disembunyikan di bilik bawah tanah rahsia oleh penculik beliau Wolfgang Přiklopil selama lebih daripada lapan tahun, sehingga dia melarikan diri pada 23 Ogos 2006. 

Sebelum korang tengok cerita tu...meh tengok RUMAH sebenar PENCULIK bernama PRIKLOPIL WOLFGANG ni....scary gila tahap siot...kat sinilah cellar yang menjadi kediaman Natascha Kampusch selama 8 tahun...

Dan ini dia rupa sebenar Priklopil Wolfgang si penculik tu....waaa scary nyer......
Kidnapper: Wolfgang Priklopil carried out an eight-year reign of terror

Youtube kat bawah ni menceritakan camne Nastascha Kampusch tu kena culik...dan tempat culik tu adalah scary ! 

Yang ni temubual dengan Natascha Kampusch ni....dengan CNN la cerita yang kat astro tu...yang saya tengok tu...huu ~

Yang ni masa tahun 2009, setahun selepas Natascha tu bebas, dia nak bersemuka dengan Mak si penculik tu...yang dah tua bergelar nenek Waltraud Priklopil, 67... Dalam berita ni, mengatakan Natascha ni beli rumah dan kereta milik penculik tu...dah kenapa pulak dia beli..saya tak paham !

Austrian kidnap victim Natascha Kampusch to meet her abductor's mother 


Austrian kidnap victim Natascha Kampusch is to meet the mother of her kidnapper for the first time since she escaped the man's clutches more than three years ago.
Waltraud Priklopil, 67, was a frequent visitor to her son Wolfgang's home on the outskirts of Vienna during the eight-and-a-half years he kept Natascha prisoner in a secret cellar.
Although allowed to roam the house when no-one else was there, Natascha, now 21, was always bundled back into the sound-proofed dungeon when his mother or others came calling.
Victim: Austrian Natascha Kampusch spent more than 3000 days imprisoned after being kidnapped aged 10. She will speak about her ordeal next month
Victim: Austrian Natascha Kampusch spent more than 3000 days imprisoned after being kidnapped aged 10. She will speak about her ordeal next month

Priklopil killed himself in the hours following Natascha's escape in August 2006.  Since then she has had difficulty adjusting to normal life.
She still carries a photograph of her abductor around with her at all times, has bought the house where she was held captive and last month also purchased Priklopil's powerful BMW car.
Kidnapper: Wolfgang Priklopil carried out an eight-year reign of terror
Kidnapper: Wolfgang Priklopil carried out an eight-year reign of terror
Natascha, whose feelings for Priklopil bordered on a perverse kind of love the older she grew, will appear on Austrian TV next month to talk about the difficulties she has faced since freeing herself.
'I live in an almost completely withdrawn way in Vienna and almost never go out in public,' she says on the documentary being screened by the NDR company on January 25.
It is on the same programme that she announces her plans to meet with Mrs. Priklopil, saying; 'Within the next two months we have arranged to make contact.'
She also says that she remains uncertain what to do with the house where she spent the formative years of her life - from the age of 10, when she was kidnapped on the way to school in 1998, to 18.
'But if I choose to sell it, I will make certain that the cellar is filled in,' she added.
An investigation is still ongoing in Austria to determine whether Priklopil had an accomplice for the abduction.

Hostage's eight years with 'master'

August 25, 2006 - 11:27AM
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She said: 'Dad, I love you'. And the next question was: 'Is my toy carstill there?' It was Natascha's favourite toy, I never gave it away in all those years
The room where Natascha Kampusch was held for eight years by
Wolfgang Priklopil.
The room where Natascha Kampusch was held for eight years by Wolfgang Priklopil.

Latest related coverage

An Austrian teenager who escaped eight years' captivity in the hands of a man she had to call "master" simply asked for her favourite toy car when was reunited with her family, her father said today.
The disappearance of Natascha Kampusch at the age of 10 as she walked to school in 1998 remains one of Austria's most baffling crime mysteries.
She escaped yesterday while her kidnapper was distracted, police said.
man police believe to be her captor - 44-year-old telecommunications technician Wolfgang Priklopil, - committed suicide by throwing himself under a train soon afterward.
Speaking about the moment the family was reunited, Kampusch's father, Ludwig Koch, told the Austrian daily Kurier: "She said: 'Dad, I love you'. And the next question was: 'Is my toy car still there?' It was Natascha's favourite toy, I never gave it away in all those years.
"I always put out of my mind the thought that she was dead."
He and her half-sister identified the 18-year-old yesterday and were joined by her mother today at the hotel where Kampusch is staying with a policewoman and a psychologist.
"Her health is okay and mentally she also appears to be okay, at least in the eyes of a layman," police spokesman Armin Halm said.
But her father, who split from her mother before the kidnap, told the paper Natascha was "emaciated and has a very, very white skin and blotches all over her body", according to quotes released ahead of tomorrow's edition.
"I don't dare to think about where they come from," he said.
Adolf Brenner, the policeman who questioned her first yesterday, told local news agency APA she was forced to call her captor "master" in the first years of her ordeal.
The police spokesman said it was unclear whether Kampusch had been abused. Officers were due to interview her later today once DNA tests results confirmed her identity.
Kampusch escaped from a garden outside the house of the kidnapper, who police identified as Wolfgang Priklopil, in Strasshof, a hamlet 25km outside the capital Vienna and about 10km from her home, police said.
"It seems there was a moment when she was not observed (when) the suspect was busy and she had a chance to escape ...," Chief Inspector Johan Fruestueck told Reuters Television.
She showed up in another garden nearby and identified herself to a neighbour.
Her captor equipped a six-square-metre cell beneath the house's garage with running water, toilet, washing facilities, bed, books, radio and occasionally television, police officials said.

natashca dengan mak dia...

natascha dikurung di dalam cellar ini..

this is natascha kampusch

gambar sebenar.....real punyaaaaaa

rumah priklopil wolfgang...

ni dia wolfgang

natascha now...

ok semua...bai bai !

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Marhaban Ya Ramadhan 2014 !

Assalamulaikum !

Sedar tak sedar kita dah nak masuk bulan ramadhan kan ! sekarang bulan rejab...lepas tu shaaban..kemudian ramadhan ! Alhamdulillah..bulan yang saya tunggu tunggu dah hampir tiba yeay ! entah kenapa..bila ramadhan hati rasa riang ria...walaupun saya tahu badan kena bekerja extra hours pada bulan ramadhan, tapi mungkin sebab ganjarannya lebih besar dari bulan bulan lain...maka semua orang bertungkus lumus kumpul pahala...tapi bak kata ustaz..jangan buat amal ibadat sebab nak ganjaran je...biarlah semua yang kita buat tu ikhlas untuk Allah swt...

Marhaban ya ramadhan...

Harap harap dapat buat terbaik dan lebih baik dari tahun lepas...dah bersediakah anda ? 
- bangun awal pagi untuk sahur
- puasa sebulan di bulan ramadhan ?
- lazim iktikaf
- solat terawih
- tadarus al quran
- banyakkan bersedekah
- menjaga perbuatan dan tutur kata
- solat sepertiga malam
- 10 malam terakhir...malam lailatulqadar ?

Jom persiapkan diri...

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Ujian Allah.


Jatuh bangun terduduk tergolek pun...yang mampu terucap di bibir hanya alhamdulillah...dan allahukahbar. tak kiralah sebesar zarah sekali pun ujian Allah nak bagi...yang penting kita sebagai hamba kena selalu bersyukur ! Sebab...

Kita bertuah. Jauh lebih bertuah dari orang lain. 

Lagi bertuah dari orang cacat. Lagi bertuah dari diuji dapat anak OKU. Lagi bertuah jika diuji dengan kehidupan sebagai anak yatim piatu. Lagi bertuah dari diuji sehelai sepinggang papa kedana. Lagi betuah diuji hidup di negara yang banyak bom sana sini. 

Berkali kali kita jauh dan buat perbuatan yang mendatangkan murka Allah...tapi Allah tetap sayang kita. Angkat darjat kita, berikan rezeki pada kita. Malah, hambanya yang banyak dosa ni Allah tangguhkan azab hingga ke hari kiamat. Allah bagi peluang untuk semua hamba bertaubat hingga nyawa dicabut di halkum...Jadi kenapa kita tak bersyukur atas semua pemberian ni ? Ucapkanlah Alhamdulillah....

Alhamdulillah, terima kasih ya Allah !

Semoga, terus meneruslah istiqamah dalam berbuat kebaikan...Jangan bila dah dapat rezeki yang Allah pinjamkan, kita terus hanyut dan alpa...bongkak dan takbur. Sombong sehingga lupa untuk sujud dan syukur pada Allah swt...

Ya Allah, dalam setiap ujian ujian yang ku lalui...aku bersyukur sangat kerana engkau telah memilih ku untuk menempuh ujian dari MU. Ujian mendekatkan aku pada Mu. Ujian mendidik aku. Ujian mematangkan aku. Ujian membuat aku takut kehilangan Mu. Janganlah kau biarkan aku sepi tanpa ujian ujian dari Mu. Dan jangan pula kau bebani ku dengan ujian yang maha berat sehingga ku lemah dan longlai. Perkuatkanlah iman ku dengan ujianMu ya Allah...




Love, Nurul Aina Zakaria
12.51 am
15 Mei 2014

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Jonker Walk, Melaka.


Hampir berkurun simpan gambar gambar jalan kat Jonker Walk ni. My comments ? Best gila weh ! Best laa bagi sesiapa yang minat pemandangan malam...dan pemandangan bangunan melaka yang bersejarah tu :-) So kalau jalan kat Melaka tu, pergi lah singgah Jonker Walk ya. Kena pegi waktu malam baru best.. :)

Apa yang best nya bila berjalan waktu malam ni...meriah sikit. Memang ramai ! Ada bazaar di jonker street ni. macam macam ada jual. Huhu..tapi mostly yang menjual nya chinese...jadi susah nak cari makanan melayu lah pulak. Banyak barangan kraf di jual disini :)

oklah layan gambar je lah k.

saya nak pergi jalan tar sekejap, haih sengsorang pulak tu. oklah babai.

gambar jonker walk, melaka

dah jalan jalan mestilah membeli kan !
Actually mencari beg yang ada tulisan Jonker walk..tapi tak jumpe..last last beli magnet fridge yang shomel somel ni....:) love itttttttttttttt

Indah sungguh panaroma melaka...saya nak duduk melaka boleh ??? Huhuhu...

 Assalamualaikum, dan sayang semua !


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