Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Gambar Keayuan Lisa Surihani Makan Atas Kapal Layar 10 Star.

OMG, dont vomit on your screen after you see this!

Im just back from school and feel very lazy to write the story here. Just some picture that we captured during our journey to a secret place, last week. Cant tell you where the place lah, so sorry. If you wanna know more about the girl in red , do make your visit here. She sells shawls you know! I bought one from her, already hihi ;) An oh, I really hate pictures that had taken from her handphone lame,you can see that mine is better! No hard feelinngs okay lady in red?

And one more thing to tell you guys, this lady in red has tought me to flirts with this handsome sweater guy that we saw at that secret place. She even tried to cheat in front of her own boyfriend lol. I cant stop laughing when you suggest me to spy on that guy with cool red sweater, okay.It was not a great idea to make the flirts thingie especially when your own boyfriend is in front of you.Take it serious, girl. This is no laughing matter! Chow!

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