Monday, June 30, 2008

Bad sites of me

A part of me that I like, but people hate it so much!!!!

" Do they care anyways? "

Ha - ha.. This is a part of me that i really hate to admit..
I really don’t like to take any port on any important news surrounds me..
If you ask me about countries and places, i can hardly give u a correct answers..
Or maybe if you ask me when is the independents day, i might have to think twice to answer correctly.. heh - heh..
Even if you ask me where is the national monument? I think i might be the person that you never wanna ask any - any more..
To make it clear, i am a person that don’t really care about what happen surrounds me..
That’s the bad things inside of me you see..
Sometimes my mom scold me as i become selfish for just minding my own world..
huhu...But that just me, .. As I said, I like, but people do hate it so much!

" Do I really care,? "

Ta – ta


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