Friday, June 20, 2008

Smoking is a bad habit!

Hello,mesti korang tak suker boyfriend korang merokok kan ? Aku lagi tak suker. Kalau aku jalan kat luar and ader jer orang yang merokok sekitar aku, dah sah aku mencarut tak tentu pasal *dalam hati la..For all the smokers out there, Im really sorry if I write any wrongs here. Very unfortunate for me coz my boyfriend is a heavy smokers too! I feel like shit when I just have to keep my breath whenever he smokes. I feel really uncomfortable! I gave a lot of advices, and trying so hard to block him from smoking habits. But, it seems really hard to him to quit. Just imagine 4 boxes of cigarettes per day??? Buzz off man...
So, I did some research on the webs and I found some little things that I can share with the readers. ATTENTION!
The BENEFITS of quit smoking
-Increase your stamina
-Decrease the risk of cancer and heart disease
-Good breath & breath easily
-Decrease coughing problem
-Freshness of body and mind
-Healthy lungs and heart
-Save money
-Saving peoples that you love
Why is it very hard to QUIT???

-The nicotine inside the cigarettes makes you addicted to it
-A person who smokes will feel excitement for a short term, their heart beats become fast; they will feel fresh and not sleepy.
-Smokers will always feel tired and sullen when they don’t get to smokes
-Fidgety and nervous when addicted to smokes.

Ways to STOP!!
1 *Get to realize that you have serious problem!!
2* Make a decision
3* Set a date to quit!
4* Plan days for quitting smokes
5* Avoid any of influences for smoking
6*Ask a friend for help
7*Find any healthy activities to works out
8*Build your self confidence
9* Make a reminders to keep on remind you to quit

8 Important Tips to AVOID smoking!
1- Take a deep breath
2- Drink a lot of waters
3- Do something else! Get yourself busy!
4- Chew something * Chewing gum
5- Take a bath!
6- Wash hands
7- Make a simple 3 minute exercises
8- Meditations or pray!

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