Thursday, June 12, 2008

Aku diri aku

Aku panas lah
Berlengas - lengas dah nie..
Panas betul petang ni..
Mr.Abu ajak hang out tapi aku ngah kereng plus takde mood.
Moody sebab certain things are yet not settled.
Moody ni jugaklah penyebabnye aku jadi lost of appetites,dizzy, and very damned lazy.
* Aku kalau dah malas tu makan pun aku malas gak.
* Malas nak g dapur, angkat pinggan, amik nasik, cedok lauk, minum air.MALASNYE!
* Aku dok lam bilik ngan laptop,time semayang je aku semayang, yang lain itu disorders!
Bile la aku nak come back to the real world ni.
Sejak cuti 3 minggu ni, aku asyik macam ni jerk.
No positive changes langsung.
16 hb ni dah start nue sem.
Aku ader azam baru.
My new determination is to vanished the 'toyol in exam' habits.
I don't usually do that, but since i saw my friends did that kind of behavior, i just intend to do that too.
I did that because a reason.
Mainly because I had taken a quite tough subjects for this sem.
I think it is not a good reason why i cheated in exams rite?
Sigh,I think i became like this because of the pressures that mostly come from the lecturers..
Some of the lecturers are quited impudent.Sometimes, they can be very harsh towards students until they not showing any respect for us.
I'm not asking that much, but we as student also need some respects.
I don't agree when lecturers use bad words to students. I also hate it when the lecturers beats students whenever they wished for.
Its really unfair when you teach someone badly, and later on you wished your students to perform well in exams.
Hell no, for me.
Anyways, I don't have to write this much because it doesn't matter rite now.
What i know is when the result comes out, I know its not valid for me and others.
Because we've cheated.
Bye now.

-thats ol for now lah-

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