Friday, November 27, 2009

I dare You To Beats Noah!

I was busy having fun with you tube and I have found this. A very bizarre video that some of you guys might never see before.This clip is about a handsome guy name Noah that had taken his photos in same style everyday for 6 years! There are a lot more different version of this vids that you can find in youtube and it seems like a syndrome as everybody is trying to make their own book of records. However,somes had said that this video is a scams because it may takes only days to snaps thousands of photos. My suggestion, just have a look and judge.

If you think your eyes are strong enough to stare with Noah in 5 minutes, you are totally a victor. Trust me, you will be excite to watch it at the first second or two, but you possibly will feels dizzy and like to vomit a  few minutes after that. I had to hit the stop button and surrendered at time of 59 seconds. It is so loser quitting in such early, ha-ha. I just can’t stand the charmed that Noah has gave me with his two big balls of eyes.

How about you guys, wanna have a try? Look if you can win this challenge. Have fun with this video and watch it till the end. You can blink but you can’t close you eyes and no cheating ok.

Lets dare yourself to watch this!Can you beat Noah?
Oh come on, watch it or leave it!

P/s : Speaking about eyes, do you know that we blink our eyes every 5 seconds and it is estimated that human blink about 17000 times a day or 6.25 millions times in a year? Aren’t we tired of blinking? I think that’s why we have got to sleep.


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