Friday, November 27, 2009

Kill The Giant Gummy Bears Before It Runaway!

Does anyone want to give me packs of Gummy Bear as a present for my coming birthday? If you do, please don’t give me the classic tiny gummy bears, now that Im bigger girl so I wanted to taste a bigger one now.

I’m sure most of you had taste a gummy bears before. As for me, I love to go to the candy shop and buy a packet or two. Gummy bears are fruits snacks that are chewable, sweets, sticky, and its look like rubber. There are a lot of sizes and colors that you can find, but most that I have bought before not as big as you can see in the picture. Its on sell in 9 ½ to 12 ½ inch tall , and you can either eat it all by yourself or kill and cut the bear into pieces like Mona Fendi did. ;)

FYI, the candies are made from USA and the price of this monster candy is 30 bucks – quite expensive right? It’s available in several flavors like blue raspberry, red cherry and green apple. I would prefer to have the blue raspberry but, where can I find it in Malaysia? Maybe online shopping will do, but afraid that once the gummy reach Malaysia, it might shrinks like cucumber pickles already LOL.

Here, a funny video about this GIANT GUMMY's invention.

P/s : My birthday present?When?


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