Friday, May 30, 2008

Today is my day!!

Assalamualaikum to the readers..,phew..Alhamdullillah..i am so greatful that i already did what i had planned..Its really end up very well and i should be happy bout it..
I guess i don't want to make the same mistakes like this anymore..its really hurt me..
What i do learnt about all this is..theres nothing to be shame of if you put away your ego..

Some people think they are great enough and dont like people to see they are weaknesses..these kind of people always think that their thoughts are always right...They also can be extremely arrogant just to hide their softness inside..But i can see..i can feel it..the truth of the hardcore's heart..i know there are something that i can still fixed out..

And today,i did it!! I manage to soft the very stone heart of human.Yeah yeah..Owya..I am so thankful to Allah the almighty because helps me out a lot. Without Allah, i dont think i can still standing right now..

Hey bebs, I did throw all away my ego just because of this matter..And Alhamdullillah, its really works for me..Its not works only for me, but it works for the others too..Well, i know i made mistakes, i did make an apologized, and i explained what i really wanted , and stick to my plan..And problems are really SETTLE BEB!!


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