Sunday, December 27, 2009

Dear God Please Hear My Plead...

In the name of Allah the all-merciful the gracious, I prostrates and pray. Day by day, I kept asking my self the same question. Why am I feeling this way, why I have to face this thing again? Im begging for your mercy, please don’t give me troubles that I couldn’t handle. Please dear God, please hear my plead.

I can’t bear how I will survive through this great pain. Practical is coming up ahead, and I have to be good to stay alive in school, to do works, assignments and all. I have to be 100% cool in front of my kids and educate them well without any bad emotional acts. I feel really heavy with this multiple task you are giving me, dear God. It’s like Im carrying a huge rock on top of my head.

The due date is getting near, but I haven’t touch my assignments yet as I am really depressed with my life now. I don’t see any good if I do the assignments and I keep them abandoned at the corner of my room. There is no good for me to do any works now because my mind is screwed.

They said that I have friends that could cheer me up and get over this, but dear God, I have none. They are gone away. That’s how life is, people come and go. And now I only have tears as my close friend. Yes, I am damn pathetic. I have nothing to live for. Sigh…

sad new year, i don't want 2010 to come

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