Friday, September 26, 2008

My Broken English & my broken heart


Just feeling a lil bit sober when some people condemned me on my writing and for the bad English language I have. Yeah I admit it, I do have a broken English language. I don’t feel ashamed with the language I used because I’m still in the stages of learning. Ooops, for those who really feel distracted when reading my blog, I am so sorry cause I want to keep on writing..Forget to mention, my blog is a place to improve my broken heart broken English. That’s why you can’t stop me. Whether it’s broken or not, you will just have to accept it. It’s who I am, and I am not ashamed with my capability to write here. I still remember the past days when I had a conversation with my father about what people will think towards the people with poor languages. My father said that I don’t have to be worry of speaking out any languages no matter how broke it is because the languages are not our mother tongue. Bahasa Melayu is my mother tongue and I should be worried if people condemned me on my bahasa. Wah, such a nice motivation is it? My father is my idol because he can speak some languages. He becomes language learner as he always travels the whole world (the outstations).My blog is my own place, I write what I want to write. And if you don’t like the way I write, you will just have to buzz off from my space. That’s all. Oh, that’s surely not an emotional quotes okay. That’s just a message for those who keep on criticizing on what I wrote. Lalala~ But to nurul aina zakaria, the criticisms makes you more motivated to improved yourself on writing right? Yeah..hoyeah hoyeah..What else could I say? Im not that perfect to say that I’m good, but I think my writing are not really ‘that’ bad, right?(still pass my MUET, oh~ that’s so relieving) It’s just a little bit of grammar errors and spelling which I know, but I am so lazy to check and correct it out. That’s my problem. Hik , hik hik. Ohh, its already 6 a.m , I have to get ready to my last class. HOlaaa..
.Its just me , neo
.who still dare to write.


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