Monday, June 22, 2009

Vandalisme, Merosakkan Harta Benda Awam.

Vandalism is the behavior attributed to the Vandals, by the Romans, in respect of culture: ruthless destruction or spoiling of anything beautiful or venerable.[1] Such action includes criminal damage, defacement, graffiti and crass erection of an eyesore.

Do you think those doodles on the walls can categorized as arts? For some people, they might think it’s beautiful, but for me.., it’s just a piece of crap that left from a people who have got no manners, no brains.

For your information, I take about 500 meters walk from my campus to the bus station right after the classes, as a part of my daily routine. Along my way to get to the bus station, I usually pass a TNB box, public phones, and a fly over.Each of these public services had been vandalized with dirty words. I can almost recalled all the dirty words that are quite catchy.

Some of the dirty words are, “nak puki endon”, “nak puki bohsia”, “jual jubo kat tasik”, and etcetera. Want me to mention some more? You guys surely know well.

There was a day I saw two boys in a secondary school uniform grueling at the fly over near the bus station. I saw they were busy doodling, sketching their nicknames on the stairs with a big font. At that very moment, I don’t have the guts to warn those youngsters from destroying the public places. In fact, the best thing I could do was just ignored them.
But way back, my heart is burnt with fire, my eyes felt irritated, and I would like to shout at them. “If I am you teacher, and I caught you do that in front of my two eyes, you’ll sure be dead by now! I’m gonna write your names down, and call up your mother to tell her about this!” However, the words just kept inside my mouth. How I wish to spill it out.

As being told by one of my lecturer, those people that are keen on to do this job are people who have got the unfinished syllabus. Its like when you were kid, u weren’t given a paper to draw. So, when you grow up, u tends to draw on the walls. Heh~.

I hope all of you have finished your writing/drawing syllabus ok? Do not destroy our beautiful environment as if you can see those pictures below. Get papers and start jotting before you go doodling on walls!

Ikhlas dari kepala ke lutut, neo si lampu neon.

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