Thursday, December 22, 2011

Beli Sugar Glider : White Face !


sugar glider white face

Kawan saya dah beli Sugar Glider white face ! Korang bila pulak nak beli ? Hehehe...kalau nak beli, pastikan kena ada duit yang banyak dan cukup yer...sugar glider ni memang mahal harganya kat pasaran. Bukan puluh ringgit ye..bukan hanya ratus ringgit ye...mencecah ribuan ringgit hingga puluhan ribu ringgit. Harap Maklum !

Sugar Glider White Face ? Berapa harganya ? Yang kawan saya beli ni...seekor tu harganya RM3,000. Yang lagi seekor tu harganya RM4,200...tunai... =)

Saya tak beli pun, setakat ni, cukuplah ada Ninja dengan si Shemie tu...Hehehe...tapi saya teruja lebih, nak jugak pergi teman kawan kawan pergi amik anak mat saleh ni...(sugar glider kaler putih kat muka dia...hehehe...) Panggil anak mat saleh laa..sebab sugar glider ni di import dari luar negara. US kot ! Siap ada surat beranak lagi tau..jangan main main =)

Enjoy gambar sugar glider white face yang baru dibeli ni... =) Crazee ?

                                                These sugar gliders have no connecting lines on their face or under their ears.  They are more a cream color and they actually have black or brown, white and/or cream.

duit kena ada...ready siap siap
 cik aksyen !!

noah punya garang wooo..geget !

comel nye kau ni...

minah dan mamat yang kemaruk beli sugar glider white face =)

happy ko yer

danish pun happy

hallo anak mat saleh

neon merasmikan main dengan sugar glider white face 

bucuk !
 tido pulak
 bangun dah

 makan prosperity burger japs
 peace !

Maklumat tentang Sugar Glider White Face  =)  Sila Baca !

White Face
White Face is not a color, rather a mutation of the stripes. On a white face sugar glider the bar that is under the sugar glider's ear is missing, giving the appearance of a white face. There will be no dots or traces of the bar at all. It also appears that the eye rings are lighter and/or broken. It is important to note that some joeys will not get the bar under their ear until they are about 5 days out of pouch. There are currently 2 theories that can explain the white face variation.

Theory #1- It is possible that more than one gene controls the white face variation. Due to the lack of studies in sugar glider genetics, we can only hypothesize how the gene(s) work. White face may in fact be a dominant gene, with a seperate modifier gene that acts similar to a switch to determine if the white face variation will be shown in the offspring. When the modifier gene is "on", the het for white face will show white face. When the modifier gene is "off", the joey will be normal in appearance, but still may carry the white face gene. If the "switch" is on the same chromosome as white face mutation, and very close, the "on" could almost always be inherited with white face, and the "off" almost always with normal/classic or wild type. This would explain why some "larger" breeders have claimed to produce white faces from two hets.

Theory #2- White face is dominate. If the white face is not showing, the glider does not carry the white face gene. This would mean that there are NO white face hets. It is believed by pairing several generations of solid white face gliders together, that you can "breed out" the gray gene. For example, if the sugar glider has 3 or more generations of solid white faces in his background, then those sugar glider will only produce white face offspring. So far this has proved true with 3rd generation pairing that have documented lines. White faces that only produce white faces no matter what they are paired to are considered "super white faces" or "super blondes".  We have seen the white face mutation appear with many sugar glider colors, such as gray/classic, cinnamon, blonde, champagne, mosaic  and white tip. So the white face does not always appear with the blonde coloration. As of December 2007, first generation white face blonde and white face gray sugar gliders are starting at around $350.00. Colors with white faces and white face gliders with consecutive full white face generations usually sell for more depending on the color, breeding, and number of white face to white face pairing in a glider background.

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