Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Careerjet : Affiliate Programme.

Tadi check email macam biasa. Kemudian jumpa email dari Careerjet.com. Careerjet ni macam affiliate programme jugak. Syarikat pengiklan yang tawarkan iklan yang pay per click..sama macam nuffnang, advertlets..kalau click dapat duit.Ada sesiapa tak yang pernah dengar pasal Affiliate Careerjet ni ? Kalau saya nak join boleh tak heheh ?

Ratree Rawangprommarach ratree@careerjet.com.my to me


We have looked at your site http://www.silampuneon.com and think that our affiliation programme as it relates to job search could be of interest to you.

Careerjet is a search engine that maps an extensive selection of job offerings by listing worldwide job vacancies in one database. We drive traffic to the original job listing website (company websites, recruitment agencies, newspapers, etc.) and earn revenue based on a pay per click principle and an auction system.We are currently looking for web partners to join our Careerjet publisher programme.

You embed on your website one of these features:
  • JobBox
  • http://www.careerjet.com.my/partners/jobbox.html?ak=e504b8c046209e97
  • SearchBox
  • http://www.careerjet.com.my/partners/searchbox.html?ak=e504b8c046209e97
  • RSS Feed
  • http://www.careerjet.com.my/partners/rss.html?ak=e504b8c046209e97
  • API
  • http://www.careerjet.com.my/partners/api.html?ak=e504b8c046209e97
  • or any other features related to Careerjet (logos, text links, banners ...)

Each time a visitor directed from your site clicks on a payable link on Careerjet, you receive a commission.You can customise everything from how the link looks on your website to what kind of jobs you feature, targeting the links to your users' interests.There is no contractual obligation with this affiliation programme: you can subscribe and unsubscribe at any time.

In addition on your partner account you will be able to track your earnings and commission will be paid to you (by bank transfer or by PayPal) each time it reaches MYR 100.00.

Where to begin:
  • Create your Partner account clicking on that link :
  • http://www.careerjet.com.my/partners/?ak=e504b8c046209e97
  • Then, you will be invited to embed Searchboxes, JobBoxes, text links, banners, or any such links that connect to Careerjet on your website.
  • You will start tracking your earnings and commissions.
  • If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me by email or telephone.

Kind regards,
Ratree Rawangprommarach
Production Manager

E-Mail: ratree@careerjet.com.my
Tel.: +44 (0) 203 0515123


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