Saturday, September 17, 2011

Cara Share Credit Celcom.

Korang tau tak camne nak share credit celcom ? Ohh senang saja rupanya nak share credit ni. Meh saya ajar korang...lepas ni boleh la ambil handphone mak bapak yang banyak credit tu..lepas tu transfer kat nombor telefon sendiri ye. Hehehe...tengok macam ni..share RM1 je..tak payah banyak banyak hehe.

Contoh : 
mula mula tekan = RM1
lepas tu send to number yang korang nak = 10192962614 (ni contoh nombor saya, sila tukar kepada nombor lain)
nanti dia tanya OK atau X, tekan = OK
send to number ni sekali lagi = 10192962614
(ni contoh nombor saya, sila tukar kepada nombor lain)

Don't worry if you've run out of credit and need to make an important call. With Airtime Share, you can request or share credit with your friends and family even when you have zero credit!
Be closer to your loved ones by sharing your airtime credit. Celcom Airtime Transfer is a P2P credit transfer system available to Celcom subscribers. Here's what you need to do:
Airtime Transfer
To transfer between RM1 to RM10 worth of credit via SMS:
e.g. To transfer RM1 type RM1 and send to10131234567
To transfer between RM11 to RM25 worth of credit:
Register your number for Airtime Share via SMS
e.g. CAT ABC123 Anna and send to 1019
To transfer credit
e.g. RM10 ABC123 and send to 10131234567
Some helpful commands to remember:
For help
To change password
e.g. CPWD ABC123 XYZ456 and send to 1019
Airtime Request
You can also share between RM1 to RM25 worth of credit just by requesting via SMS. Here's how:
e.g. To request for RM10 credit, type RQ RM10
and send to 10131234567
Requested credit comes with the following credit expiry:
The validity is subject to recipient's existing credit expiry -
the greater duration will take precedence.
Terms & conditions
Airtime Share of RM1 and RM2 comes with 1 day validity. Any amount from RM3 onwards comes with 3 days validity. The recipient's new validity period is subject to their existing airtime validity, the greater duration will take place.
Customers must be in Malaysia when requesting or making a transfer.
Upon activation, new customers need to utilize RM10 airtime in order to perform Celcom Airtime Share.
For existing customers, if they have fulfilled the requirement to utilize RM10, they can automatically perform Celcom Airtime Share.
After every successful transfer, a 50sen service charge applies.
After every successful request, a 20sen service charge applies.
No registration fee is required. Request for change of password, password retrieval and HELP message via SMS will be charged 15sen.
Customers within the 50-day grace period and/or without Airtime Balance can still receive Airtime Share.


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