Friday, April 29, 2011

Fortune Cookies @ Biskut Tilik Nasib = )

Halop guys ;) I know that you are familiar with these pictures right? Have you heard about fortune cookies? Yeah…that’s what it is. I eat them! First time in my whole life man, can’t tell you how wound up I was when somebody gave me these cookies.

The Fortune Cookies, it really exist man!
Okep, break it into two first, dont straight away munch it ok?You need to take out the piece of paper first...

Amway products. LOL.I want to make my own fortune cookies. Anyone interested to buy with me?

Yess...Thats it. Lets see what I have for my luck for today ;)

Dont worry, I will munch you right after this! Yummy...kuih kepit !

So, I was like "jakun" allready.! LOL.

Again, cant belive it is real. Really, can eat ah? hahaha...

So whats written over there?
 My motivation quotes for the day : " Share your energy with the people on the same boat. "
(lol, i dont like it...hahaha..i want some more words that is more powerful than this ok)

I also tried my fake fortune cookies online with facebook! Wow, the word is more powerful this time ! "Money, money, money ... hahaha will anyone inherit me such a bog money? You are very welcome baby! "
Baca lagi...
I was once taught that this is a fake cookie, but I was totally wrong. The cookies are really exist, and I think the people who made these cookies believe that anyone who read the motivation quotes that written on the piece of the paper will got strength to face their hard days. 

Don’t just get it on the facebook, go get this cookies for real man. I can tell you that the cookies tasted good and yummy as much like the “kuih kepit” we usually had on Hari Raya. I feel like wanted to make these kinda cookies for my own self la. A motivation quotes for a day might just give me a little bit hope and strength for me to keep motivated in everything I do. Then, I should sell it to you…especially for those who really believe on daily horoscope and zodiac lucks. Gaaha! I should be rich then.
Owh anyway, the cookies are from Amway Company. I don’t know how my friends get it, but I want more lol.! It is not because I believe on what they wrote on the paper inside it, but the cookies are really damn cute and fun. ;)
Feeling Lucky?

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