Sunday, April 10, 2011

Choral Speaking Tips !

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Sebenarnya aku teringin sangat nak ajar budak budak sekolah aku Choral Speaking. Kalau lah diberi peluang esok, aku nak tubuhkan club Choral Speaking walaupun budak budak sekolah macam tak aktif jer. Ni tengah godek godek internet pasal maklumat on How To Teach Student, Choral Speaking.

(cegu neo kemaruk nak choral speaking)
baca lagi...

Tips choral speaking ni aku dapat masa melayari blog sekolah aku which is BacktoBBGS  = ) I love BBGS, how i miss my chilhood during back then. Rindu masa zaman Choral Speaking masa di BBGS ! Cikgu memang mantap dan debomb gitu !

Some tips:
1) Get every child to recite one line. You can then divide their voices into light (sweet & airy), medium or dark (strong & authoritative). Then get the lights to stand in front, medium in the middle, and dark at the back (on elevated platforms)

2) You can then use the different voices to express different emotions in the poem. Lights for "romantic sighs", Dark for "Charge of the Light Brigade" - you get the picture :-)

3) Focus on pronounciation, expression (facial) and volume (loud/soft) to bring out the value of the poem

4) Last but not least, HAVE FUN!

It is such a joy to watch individual kids come together as a team and speak as one voice. All the best!

How about the poems ? Ok, untuk poems yang best untuk Choral Speaking, korang boleh dapatkan poems tu di blog ini  :

Tips ni memang berguna bagi cikgu cikgi yang nak mula mengajar Choral Speaking tu.  Thanks to BacktoBBGS for this tips yah !

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