Saturday, January 15, 2011

Masalah Internet Wireless, Help !

Salam yall.

Sejak petir semalam laptop aku dah tak dapat detect wireless dalam rumah ni. Geram ahh, masalah nye laptop aku je tak dapat connect wireless. Laptop bro and sis, ok jer. Arghh tell me why ?

Masalah aku, aku tak boleh nak connect internet. Bila aku click repair, aku cuma dapat limited or no connection. Segitiga warna kuning bertanda seru pun appear.

Bila setting balik wireless to default setting, tetap tak dapat masuk internet wireless. Kenapa ni ?

Jumlah sent dan signal kuat, tapi yang received 0 ! Kalau korang tau cara penyelesaian masalah aku ni, roger kat komen pls. pls pls. Aku hairwired sekarang ni.

Cara Penyelesaian Masalah Internet Wireless : Credit 1


Go into your Wireless Network Connection Properties, Hilight the internet Protocol (TCP/IP). Click Properties. Select "Optain and Ip address automatically". This fixed my problem.


I recently got an Acer Aspire 3050 running Windows XP Home with service pack 3 and both my wireless and local area connection ran perfectly. My router was a 4 - port wireless broadband router and it worked fine as well.

Then one day it just stopped. The IP setting were automatically assigned by DHCP and has always worked.

Now my wireless has the following issues: Packets sent but no receive! Problem aquireing IP address. If i'm lucky i get limited or no connectivity. I have had some luck but using my uncles computer shop's IP settings on the local area connection. (Ethernet Port) So I manually configured my IP, Subnet mask, DNS, Gateway,etc. and then it worked.

So i recommend you or whoever deals with your network to manually configure your wireless or local network.

Note: Make sure the Gateway is the IP address of your router.
Also, make sure that the IP address on each computer is the same except the last three digits. ex. for comoputer A. and for computer B and the Router is and the Gateway is (the router IP address is not listed but the gateway is and its basically talking about the router as the gateway so make sure that the gateway is correct.)
Also check your firewall settings but dont mess with anything that you dont know about because i did that and messed up a lot of things so be careful have someone help you with that. Try turning off your firewall on the connection your using but do it on your local not wireless connection because with wireless your computer might be vulnarable to viruses and intruders if its turned off. so keep firewall on with wireless and turn off firewall on local area connection (useing your ethernet port on your computer and router) and that might be the problem if that works. in other words have someone check and/or configure your firewall for each connection, configure your IP settings, etc.
IMPORTANT: don't download anything that resets your network settings, ip address, or anything that might help you out, because it might screw everything up and you may never get your problem fixed. Also if you download lots of stuff try to avoid using limewire, bit torrent, uTorrent, etc. your firewall will allow stuff from those sites and programs to come into your computer and makes it easier for you to get viruses.
Hope that helps but this problem is really common, to me its still a problem and i need my laptop and internet for school and i dont have it still.

Tak sempat nak buat or nak baca, gua chow dulu. = (

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