Monday, January 03, 2011

Buah Epal Warna Hitam @ Arkansas Black Apple.

 Salam !

Percaya tak yang buah epal ada yang warna hitam ? Pernah tengok ? Huhu...cuba tengok gambar kat bawah ni. Amazing kan warna buah epal dia ? : )

 Model buah epal menunjukkan perbezaan warna epal merah dan hitam.

More picture of dark apple ?  Amazing !

Buah epal dark red ... amazing.


sedap kalau buat salah buah ni tak caya click ni : 

Nak kata buah epal ni hitam, tak juga. Sebenarnya buah epal ni warnanya merah gelap aka. dark red. Buah epal yang berwarna seakan akan hitam ni digelar sebagai Arkansas Black Apple more, info sila baca dibawah :

Video tentang Arkansas Black Apple 

Arkansas Black Apple

Arkansas Black
An antique apple belived to have originated from a winesap seedling in Arkansas in 1870
Medium size apple, smooth, round, dark red to almost black in color with yellow flesh. Hard and crunchy texture, distinctive aromatic flavor. A semi-tart flavor, not a sweet apple.
Bloom Time:
Late Spring to Early Summer
Bloom Color:
Pale Pink
Fruit Ripening Time:
Mid to late October (South Central PA)
EMLA26, Dwarf, Mature Height 10-12ft.
Tree Characteristics:
Full Sun
An excellent eating apple, also great for pie-making and cider. A good keeper for as long as six to eight months in the refrigerator. Flavor mellows with storage.

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