Thursday, December 09, 2010

Jipaban – My 2010 Santarina

Hello guys !

Jipaban Gift-Hunting !

This is my wishlist entry over Jipaban gift-hunting ! Thanks to Jipaban & Nuffnang for offering this kind of contest and giving oppurtunity for bloggers to grab free gifts !

Perhaps you never heard about Jibapan,  so let me introduce. Jipaban is a popular website for online shopping ! You can browse all stuff that you want, select shop as favorite, and shop ! You can sign up either as a retailer or a shopper. I love Jipaban becus i will always got the notification for any new stuff updated !

Wanna more about Jipaban ? I found this from Jipaban website. Its cool !
Check out a very cute video of Jipaban Shoppers !

Scroll down for more, yahh ! I found a very cute stuff at Jipaban !!

 Another cute video of Jipaban Retailers !

According to the contest rules, i should pick one item from the Jipaban Online stores and make it as a wishlist to give it to any person that i want. So...i did my digging just now and found...

A very exclusive teddy bear !

This exclusive cutey bear down here named Shelliemay and it is from a shop called Minimaos . Im very excited to give this cute teddy to someone who i love most ! Who will i give it to ? Jeng jeng jeng !

So who will get this cute tedy as a gift ?
A huge headband on top of her cute !

Its RM99.00 ! Exclusive from Disney Sea, Tokyo !
I wish to give this gift to...

I wish to give this cute little bear Shelliemay to my dear little brother, Emeir Eizzat who is strungling days and night for his upcoming PMR exam on 2011 = ) This teddy bear is just for you, my dear ! Study smart and dont play play ahhh !

Anyways, why did I choose teddy bear to give my little brother ? 

  • This little cute teddy bear, it is only available in Disney Sea, Tokyo babe ! You can never find it in Malaysia. So it is definitely exclusive gift ! Wow !
  • Becus among the siblings, i am the closest person to him. Im sure he gonna love this teddy bear =)
  • Becus i want him to always remember me and my babbling every time he look at the teddy bear =)

Some pictures of me and my little brother.

I hope i can give you this exclusive gift yah !

Luvly gift just for you !

I wish to win this teady bear just for you, mijat ! Huahahaaa ! = )


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