Thursday, August 05, 2010

McDonald Haram @ Halal ?

Kentang Goreng McDonald bersalut lemak babi ? McDonalds French Fries bersalut dengan lemak babi? Kalau berita ini benar, maka adalah haram bagi Islam memakan nya… ! 

Betul ke kentang goreng McDonald  ni tak halal ? Adoyaiii ! Tu lah korang sape suruh suka sangat makan McDonalds kan ? Kan...eceh macam aku ni tak makan McDonalds jer. Bace weh jangan tak bace !

McDonald's announced in the 1990's that it changed its frying oil from animal fat to vegetable oil for those who are vegetarian. However, it turned out that this information did not turn out to be completely true .

French fries are fried slightly in animal fat then frozen and shipped to all the McDonald's stores for the final frying . The following information was announced on the Arabic BBC channel Basically, what they do is they cut the potatoes into slices and then coat them with a thin layer of lard (pig fat) or cow fat so that when it is fried it will crunch. Then these fries are shipped to McDonald's stores in different parts of the world including India and the Arab countries. 

Mc Donald's apologized to the Indians after receiving complaints, since a good number of Indians do not eat anything that has ingredients derived from animals. And of course no apology has been made to the Arab countries. So in summary, Mc Donald's fries is coated with a layer of either cow fat or lard (pig fat which is thicker and cheaper) then shipped to all Mc Donald's stores over the world, which is then fried in vegetable fat. Please alert all those you know of this information.

Secara terang terang Islam ditipu oleh orang America. Mereka mohon maaf pada orang India tapi tidak kepada Islam. Bertindak lah dengan segera tidak lagi makan jualan makanan Mc Donald selepas ini!

P/s : Forward berita ini stret dari email box aku untuk bacaan korang. Sahih ka? Adoii laaaa ! Camne nih !


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