Friday, June 25, 2010

Cerita Seram : Sebuah Labu Ditoreh Dengan Pisau Hidup-Hidup Sehingga Muntah Kuah Labu ? Lets Carve The Pumpkin !

Lets see who carve the pumpkin alive!!

So cute pumpkins, I wish to carves you guys on my own !!

Its a cool arts isnt it? I always dream to celebrates Halloween like those who always celebrating it. Having fun with new bizarre costumes for every year, and carving the pumpkin like dead man ! Should be so interesting ! Why not making Hari Raya eve more enjoyable by doing some arts like puking pumpkin? Its not that im againts my culture, but I am a person that appreciated arts so much.  

A huge pumpkin needed! Where in Malaysia can I find a huge pumpkin like that? By the way, if I bring that huge pumpkin at home, my mom surely gonna kill it before I could ever carve it and make it a pumpkin soup! Tadaaa...I think a pumpkin soup should be good for me too ;)


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