Friday, May 07, 2010

Perpustakaan Negara : Kes Budak 12 Tahun Curi Buku , Kena Tangkap Masuk Jel !

Rintihan Neon, si peminjam buku dari Perpustakaan Negara.

Once upon a time, there was a 12 years old girl name Neon who really likes to read comics. One day, she has joined a trip to Perpustakaan Negara that organized by her school. 

Neon was so happy as that was her first time ever to go Perpustakaan Negara. She asked her mom for some money, paid for the trip, and got Perpustakaan Negara ID Card for the first time of her life.

As she reached at Perpustakaan Negara,  Neon has got extremely excited. The first place that cross her mind was comic area and computer room! Yeah, after she did lots of reading and gaming,..she took out two comics and she decided to borrow it.

As happy as a cow in the mud, she brought the books home and make it like her own property. She kept the book for weeks to months, from months to years and has forgotten to return it back until one day she realized that the book has been lost already.

Today, the girl named Neon has reached her 23rd age but she still remember those yellow comics that she owed from the Perpustakaan Negara. She promised not to go ever again to Perpustakaan Negara as she afraid that the police will arrest her for her past wrong doings or she might just got free head shot instantly. 

Begitulah kisahnya Neon, si peminjam buku dari Perpustakaan Negara. Semoga Encik Ferk baca post aku ni. haha...

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