Thursday, May 13, 2010

Jacket For Girls & Woman !

Argh, Im so in jackets fever right now. You may say that Im outdated, but I dont care. This is where my journey as a jacket's fan begins...hehe...

Currently, I only have one polyester jacket and I have been wearing it like almost everyday...Wanna know what it turns like ? Kepam ! So, pathetic okay...thats why I want to buy few jackets more...And if I could, I wanted to make my own collection of all type of jackets especially leathers and denims!

I dont care if its expensive, and I will save my money ! As I surveyed, I found that denim's price is usually RM70-100.00...I dont know about the leather jackets lorh. It must be more expensive than denims right?

So, before Im getting crazier than this...please share me your ideas where I can find a nice jacket with reasonable price? Pleasee ! Im dying without them !



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