Friday, May 28, 2010

Petik Gitar Kapok Nyanyi Lagu King Fish Pizza Hut !!

Get into the boots and jeans and now lets lepak with us!  Hahaha...looks like we are sitting on the palm beach at Bali right (if only its true)?Yeah, I think this is a good port to lepak and play guitars la. No one has heard us, so we dont mind to be crazee.The birds also chirping crazily when they see wacko people like us come to intrude their habitat. :)

Anyways, this songs was created just to try our luck on the Big Fish Moment with Pizza Hut Contest by Nuffnangs. I guess you guys also have heard about it right? Theres too many great competitors out there, and its like a big war you know. Is there a chance to win this? LOL. No, lets not put the hope up too high on that.

Fyi, this is just the making of video. The final one is on our Big Fish Moment With Pizza Hut entry. 
Go check it out and just enjoy the show ;p

Ahh, nevermind if we dont win this, all we wanted is just have fun in blogging. Right Reiko? Chows !


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