Sunday, April 24, 2011

Tawas Untuk Ketiak Putih !

Cara putihkan ketiak ? Gunalah tawas !!
 Katakan tidak kepada ketiak hitam ! Tidak , tidak! 

Yes, dude you gotta believe this. I have been using deodorant quit a long time since I was in High-school. As for me, using deodorant is easy and much likely than tawas because it is build with so many flavor and  has a good smells. But what has makes me turn out to use tawas instead of deodorant? 

So what is the disadvantage of deodorant? Deodorant is sux.  It always leaves stains to my shirts. Sometimes, the stains would not easily come out even after I re-wash my shirt. It is super hideous to see the brownish color especially on your white shirt , unless you got it bleach. 

Frankly, deodorant has got my armpit turns darker from my normal skin. Theres no women in the world who would want black armpit right ? So then , I did my research about the the disadvantages of deodorant. I got into forums and did lots of reading about it and I have found out that deodorant is really causing black armpit. 
I bought one from Watson last year, and it cause me RM34. It is a long last product, i have been using it for almost 2 years now.

Tawas is my only solutions. I guess you might have heard that so many years ago, people use tawas to put in their water-tub to whiten the water. But nowadays, tawas has been a very useful cosmetic that can whiten your black armpit.When I use tawas, theres no stains , no sticky armpits, and no longer body odor! Cool or not? 

Here,  I found a very informative blog to share with you guys about how tawas is used for whitening the armpit. Bravo for this blog owner for showing her white armpit after she uses tawas! Its proven , you see. Glad to say that my armpits slowly have turns to normal skin too! ;)

Chow sin cee!


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