Saturday, April 03, 2010

Tahfiz Dari Sekolah Pondok.

Who is this cute boy? I wonder...

What is he doing here?

I snapped this pix when my mum was interviewing a little boy who asked for money at the petrol station about a week ago. This little boy is so innocence, and he is a tahfiz boy from sekolah pondok. He said that he travel all away from Kedah Darul Aman and was doing his weekend routine by doing the charity job to earn money for his poor Tahfiz School. 

My mom was looking so disbelieved at first, but she then felt pity towards this little boy. She even asked the boy to recite few words from surah Yasin just to test the little boy, and the little boy has recited it very well. Awesome.

I felt pity towards him too,and if he is my bloodlines...i wouldn't let him ask for charity like that. Hurm.

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