Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Anak Member.

Hoorah! Congratulation to my best buddy, Wazirah Abdul Hamid because she is now turn out to be a mummy for a cute little princess named Nurul Huda Aqilah. Well, Wazi has insisted me to come over Seremban to see her with her first newborn and of cause as her best buddy, I would  definitely be there as soon I got the call…

It was a Saturday morning and I had PIBG meeting at the school. Just right after the meeting, I went to KTM Bandar Tasik Selatan to catched up train and have texted Ery to come over and fetched me at KTM Seremban . Later on, Ery and me have gone to the Parkson which is just opposite the KTM station to find a baby gift . 

The baby gift is very easy to find. You dont need to look around the whole building because theres so many gift are there to offer! We have bought a baby gift from the Anakku Store and it was so adorable, yet affordable. Bought it for just only RM45.60, and it was a huge hamper though…also got 10% discount ;)

I was so happy because God have given me chance to met her like this. Wazi is now happy with her look, because before this she always mumbled at me , told me that she was not satisfied with her big tummy. She felt hideous and she just stay home hiding herself. But now that she is back to normal, she was very glad that her tummy goes flat again.Only that her breast is now full with breast milk. Geehee.  I like to see she breasfeeding her baby. Lol. It looks like a bit "geli" for me. Haha..Cant imagine to be in her situation.

The first newborn. Hey baby, please be a good girl to your mummy and daddy ok?

Location : Wazirah's House at Seremban.
Mood : Happy playing with her little baby (11weeks years old only)

"Meh sini kat akak meh...eh meh sini kat aunty meh...bucuk bucuk matamm tuh..."

"Meh aunty pegang ko dengan cara yang tersendiri...aunty bukan reti pun nak pegang baby nihh adoii..tapi nampak cam muka ko relek jer..aunty ni best dan cool kot? "

"Dah lah tu ena, pulangkan lah baby aku tu balik...ko jangan nak berangan nak bawak balik baby aku ni ok..penat-penat aku beranak, ko kata aku macam tak beranak? Hampeh..."

Oh baby ku...jangan nakal-nakal...muah muah sayang rindu busuk...So neo ada gaya nak jadi mak budak tak? hahahha...

" Ena, ko tau tak...punya susah aku nak beranak ni...Aku rasa 4-5 tahun lagi lah baru aku beranak lagi. Tak sanggup aku nak beranak lagi kalau tau sakit beranak macam ni. Gila la weh...doktor tu main potong-potong je nanti...sakit dowh beranak bukan senang! " I dont know, somehow...her statements really haunted me untill now. Got lots other story that I cant write here, because it is too horrified to type out. I dont want to scare the pregies woman lol. Haha..because I am scared too...(*0*) Anyways, sayang...you take care ok. Please be a good mummy ;)


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