Monday, March 08, 2010

The Sexy Mermaid Playing With The Seashell.Wow...

Truthfully, I really enjoy teaching arts, rather than teaching physical edu. My friends told me that if you teach arts, you will have to provides lots of teaching aids which will makes you go headache. far as I'm concern, I don't find any obstacles teaching my kids arts.

Apparently, lots of teacher are afraid to do messy activity with the special kids. But for me, I love challenges. They advised me to not used the water color in any activity because the kids might just leave the room in mess. I proved them wrong when I did an interesting activity using water color with the kids :) They really enjoy it.

So this is some of the pix for you to enjoy. And thanks to Google for this cool activity. I assumed that this is collage technique, am I right? We success to finished this activity in two session and each session took the kids bout an hour to complete their task.

The pix.

Topic : The seashells
Teaching aids : Drawing paper, blue paper, water colour, brush, colour pencils, printable seashells, scissors, and glue.

First session : One Hour.
  1. Explain about what you can see at the sea.
  2. How sea looks like.
  3. Demonstrates how to do the task.
  4. Students painted the drawing paper with mixed brown water colour.
  5. Students draw the sea waves on the blue paper, after that cut and paste it on the drawing paper.

Just provide them some of different brown colours. Let them mix it their self.

The printable seashells.Give them motivation so they can feel the confidence to colour it as what as they imagined.

Make sure they clean the room before they left.

Nice work.

Second session :One hour
  1. Provides students with printable seashells, and ask them to colour with their own creativity.
  2. Let the students experienced to use scissor and cut their own piece of work.
  3. Guide them to use the glue and paste the seashells wherever they want.
  4. Ask the students to draw with colour pencil with confidence, on their own drawing paper.
  5. Guide them on how to draw things that they can find at the sea.
  6. Give them gifts as a reinforcement.

Very good job.Well done kids ;)

Contributes your ideas with me, why not? ;)

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