Friday, March 12, 2010

SK Lelaki Jalan Batu, Hari Sukan Sekolah !

I really must update this blog with my Sports Day special entry, so here it is. Nice and as simple as it is. I hope you guys just enjoy the pics because I will not writes the whole reports here. Overall, Im not really enjoy the moment of the sports day and so you will not see much photos about the events,  but I really enjoy my time with my new girl - friend which is Fatin Insyirah. Just scroll down if you want to see her.

My special kids have participated in marching too, dont think that they cannot march ok. Never underestimate them ;) See, they were lepaking and playing snakes board after they have done their march.

Here are the normal students, i really impressed by their marching spirits because they really have done a very good job during the event. So cute and adorable.

I have caught a cute scout's boy to take picture with me, see how mean I am?

Yessa, this school located in front of the Sime Darby building. The school is at the center of the what do you expects?

We are the three practical teacher in the school. We have suffer a lots through this practical season, but we will keep strong to go through this hell until the - end!!

I got my second job during the sports day, which is babysitting this cute little kid. She is one of the teacher's child which I had to take care of. Im cool with her because she really likes to be with me.

See? Its hard to find a kid that can have good chemistry with you in just a second. But she is the one.

She asked my name and she inquired to call me either cikgu nurul or kakak nurul. I insisted her to call me cikgu nurul , but she always tersasul and call me kakak. Cute lor.

You know, she really cannot go with the boys. She somehow cant be too close with Faiz and Faizal , but she is very easy with me. Look at her face, she was reluctant to take picture with my boy-friends.

Lucky me, I just did my work under the kent. So im not so worry about the sunlight as Im in the safe area haha... ;)

It is us.

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