Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Cat That Likes To Poops In The Toilet...Wow!

Meow, cat needs to go to the ladies room ;)
blup...blup...the sound that you always do in toilet...haha...

Walaweh...If only the street cats behind my house can do such thing like this, i would be happier and would  never ever throw them stones because they really like to poops around my garden area! Can somebody teach the cats to behave like that cat above? Ohh please!!
I think im gonna kill the bad bad cats , they easily poops at my home front door and the smells really such a nuissance to us! Grrr...Im so pissed off because it is me who always have to buried their shits after they happily done their bussiness! Im not your shit's slave, you got it !! Crazee.

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