Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wanna Join Second Promotion Of PayPal Wishlist? Hurry Up Before Its Too Late!

Some of you guys have asked me: Neo, macam mana you boleh dapat paypal earnings, I nak buat jugak. I guess those who have asked about this might never heard about PayPal Wishlist on Facebook. PayPal Company has made a surprise promotion of “Pay per Click Application” through Facebook in late of December 2009. Sadly, the promotion has already ended and there is no chance to join this for those who have missed it, unless PayPal wants to give second round promotion. I feel sorry too, I thought it was widely spread on the Facebook. !

I thought that this was scams for the first place , but its clear now that it isn't.What I did just promote the links, and collect dollars as easy as ABC. How they make money from this eh? No idea at all. Perhaps they are kind of like Nuffnangs, Dapat Wang’s schemes like that. I would love to join if theres any other promotion like this , because its an advantage for a daily blogger like me to earn sight incomes.

Anyhow guys, I have canceled my intentions to belanja makan my friend with any money that I will got from PayPal and Nuffnang. I don’t really know where the money comes from and goes to (well you know what I mean), so I guess I better use it wisely then. I rather spend it for my dream gadgets and I do have my own planning on that. A brand new lightweight laptop perhaps. Still in the planning lorh.

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