Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Great Numbers Of Followers , Thanks Yall!

Thank you Muhammad Safwan for being my 1111th follower! What a great number right ;)

I cant thank you enough for all my followers that have been following my blog since the day this poor blog has been launched on 5/11/08. Im so sorry I cant buy you guys gifts, so appreciating you guys is the least that I can do.I know I have been bad because not following back your blog, but I would still love to put you on my bloglist, and try to visit and comment your blog. 

Sincerely, I really appreciate the supports that you guys have given me through the ups and downs. This blog have been a place for me to share my stupid thoughts, my emotions, my anger, and my happiness that I face in my daily life as a future teacher. This is a path that allowed me to understand about how friendship can be build through the user ID behind the IP address. Thanks for being here and show your loyalty to read all my stupid thoughts. Thanks for your great idea and motivations that always make me smile every time I click the comment box. And thank you for the pocket money from the ads you click. ;) Hehee...

Ala, pendek kata terima kasih la semua - semua tuh.

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