Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Samseng Petaling Street!

Salam. I’m so grateful now that I’m still alive! Alhamdulillah. I swear to my own self, I don’t want to go Petaling Street any-anymore. Woah, the thing that happened at the Petaling Street just now was a nightmare for me and my cousin okay.

Actually my cousin and I wanted to shop new shoes, so we intended to find it in Kota Raya area since that was the nearest place from her campus. We crawled from level by level around Kota Raya but failed to find one. So, we went by to the next building beside Kota Raya, and got shocked up as that building is no longer available. Bank – rupt or what lol, so sorry that I couldn’t remember the name of that plaza! That place got so many shoes’ shop, but now everything’s is gone! Sigh…so let’s get back to our journey.

So then, we were counting up whether to go to Petaling Street (P.S) or not, because we knew that P.S is no longer consider as a safe area especially for pretty and tiny girls like us. Just so you know that Petaling Street got a lot of gangster, and kaki pukul kind of traders.

To avoid any worse happen, we have chose to shop the inside storages rather than shop along the booths outside. We hold our hands, and together we pray before entering the tang-lung’s area. Seriously, I am not joking. We were like mice, slinking around Petaling Street. Feeling unsecure, but with a little braveness, we just gave a shot.

As we in our mission to find new shoes, suddenly we have been greeted by a body builder’s guy that wears orange t-shirt. He has got this mamak face, shiny bald head, tall and dark skinned. He emerged out of nowhere, which suddenly forces us to stop and directly looked at him. Astagfirullah…I lost my heartbeat. And for sure my cousin has felt that too. This guy has make us stopped and jerked us like this: Hey.., Assalamualaikum!

Oh this is fucked. He makes us stopped! Can you imagine that? Of cause, we don’t want to have any conversation with this psycho man, and make u-turn against him abruptly. But then, he jerked again with his hand try to grab our hands: Hey!! Orang bagi salam kau kena jawab!!

And oh...and this time he blocked our way to go to another shop. I swiftly turn my back against this big guy and rapidly pull the door shop and pulled back my cousin inside without any waits. It was the stationary shop, and lucky for us that there were students that just back from school crowding ups the place. We went inside, calm our self down. Pray for the guy would just leave us with peace. We clearly abort our mission for the day ok. The only thing inside our head is, home!

A few minutes after that, we now clear that shopping inside storage was not safe for us. So we decided to choose another method which is walk with the public. Lol, how can we be so stupid just now! Being in the public with a lot of traders is a much safer! We walked fast to the center of Petaling Street, assuming that if something happen, people can see us clearly and it much easier to get any help.

Yeah, that crazy guy might afraid to go after us now, as we were in the public. Nevertheless, crawling back to our first check point is sux. Some of the samseng traders, tried to harass us too. You see, they used the same method like the guy before; they stop and give creepy stare and jerked you out. But we were a little brave this time, and got through the harassment until the last tang-lungs! Alhamdulillah…Hey, enough. No more shop at Petaling Street after this!!

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