Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Rapid Bus Goes Swine on The Road.

I’m so not cool now. My class has ended around 11.00 a.m and as usual I ran to catch rapid bus. Waited about 30 minutes at the bus stand and the bus still have not showed up. Felt boring, so I went and bought a drink from the petrol station first and then came back quickly but no bus at all. After waited another 10 minutes, suddenly a bus came by very fast. I tried to wave giving signal for the bus to stop, but it was my bad luck, the bus did not stop. I am 100% confident that the bus driver did see me waving just now but he just ignored! Thank you. I cant remember how many times I cursed like this "swine, swine, swine la that bus !".

My face was like rubbish at that moment, patiently waited for another bus to arrive. Yeah, another bus came and the bus merely missed me again. This time the bus has stopped, but a bit far away from the bus stand. Sighed, I am not expecting them to treat me like a princess or what, but at least please slow down the speed when you see a bus stand la. You drive with that kind of speed, then how come u able to stop the bus if someone waved? Or did I look alike with the pillar which makes me look unnoticeable? Again, “swine la you…”.

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