Sunday, January 10, 2010

Off To Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan

 Jeram Toi Waterfall, Jelebu Negeri Sembilan. 
See here for the map of jeram toi.

Having no idea to post new entry. Where does all my ideas gone to? Hurm still in the mood of holiday maybe. Hey,mister brain please wake up okay...

Anyway, I will be off to Jelebu , Negeri Sembilan today to attend my ex-smtkk schoolmate's wedding.There will be many long lost friends that I will meet for today. So I have planned to go waterfall bath with them at Jeram Toi after the wedding, hopefully the rain will not disrupted the plan. Told them already, and they were kind of excited about the waterfall bath.

May Allah bless our journey today...

Sigh..I keep on having this bad dream lately, about losing the ones I loved. I am so fretful when I'm awake. Praying that those dream is just a toy bed or maybe I just think too much on the particular matter. I hope this dream will be over soon, praying for everything will be just fine.

Till here, Take care...

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