Monday, January 04, 2010

Mijat Is Now A Teenager | Part 2 |

My little brother is growing up so fast! Still remember about this post? He was really tiny at that time but now he is rapidly growing like a giant. He looks much different ever since he entered Mrsm. His body is build with muscles, his writing is much neater than me, and he is taking care about his face now. But the best is, he never change the way he treats me like a cool sister in the universe. Making me laughs with his stupid jokes and moves are his favorite. And hey, he still kiss me on the cheek ok!

I remember that there was a case when we attended a wedding ceremony, everybody was getting the bunga telur, but he was the one who only got the gula-gula! Then, he got pissed off and said " Im not a kid anymore, why do they give me candies? They must be blind ". And we laugh out loud. No more kiddy baby, he is a teenager now. Well, he is back to his school, and I am gonna miss him so much. Come back liao!

Cool, huh?

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