Monday, January 18, 2010

Its So Creepy To Meet Miss Menopause.

I really hate when my anger emotion struck me abruptly. This isn’t about PMS or what, but my anger just burst out without any signal. You really don’t feel like to see my face when I’m angry you know. People say that I have got this creepy look when I’m in the gloomy mood. Usually, I will be so soundless because my brain is in the process to think and trying to send signal for my nerves to calm down, and of cause my eyebrows will turn to wrinkles which makes me look so creepy like a murderer. And when that happens, you might not want to come near me. *creepy grin*

Well, I might not be rude to you, but maybe I will act a bit offensive for instance of not answering of any calls, questions, or any orders from you. I know I must do something to control about this situation. Maybe fake smiles will just do. But, how can I do that if my brain is stuck? The best advice is, just leave me alone when you started to notice this creepy face of me come out okay. Just give me minutes or two to take deep breath. Don’t worry; I am a type that quick in cooling. *sweet grin*

But, I do worried about one thing now, are these symptoms are making me close to menopause? Oh no...! Omg, I’m doomed!

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