Friday, January 22, 2010

Gain More Traffic And Visitor In Your Blog | Part 3 |

Harlow. Here we meet again in this sweet tutorial (yucks). Don’t die wondering why your blog isn’t popular like others, please let your brain rest ok. I’m here to share with you more about how to gain traffic and visitors to your blog. And today, I’m gonna touch a little bit about the bad effects of blink text decoration.

Tip 3 – Never use blink-blink text too much.

Do you realize that too much blinking text is sometimes distracting? Yes, yes it is. For my point of view, some bloggers really love this blinking text because they think this method will allow readers to see text that they are emphasizing of. Do you really think it works? I guess no. I’m not going to asked you to stop doing it, but do you think that blinking text really necessary?

I don’t know others opinion about this yet, but when you use too many blink text in your entry, this thing will distracts people eyes and make them feel not to continue their reading. Especially when you make a text like this: Big, Red, and Blinking. Gosh it’s really kills people’s eyes man.

Bad Blink Text Decoration  :  Red bra is really attractive! Do You Love Your Red Bra? I love my red bra group . I want to purchase a red bra! This red bra commercial is just for fun okay. So go red!

How do you feel looking into this text? Hey, I'm spinning around! Be wise on using text decoration, don’t let text decoration make your blog look worse, and make your visitors run headlong off your area. Good luck.

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