Thursday, January 21, 2010

Gain More Traffic And Visitor In Your Blog | Part 2 |

If you guys have notice, I rarely put read more widget in my post. I have once used read more button because I think my entries are kind of long. But then, a friend of mine has told me this : Neo, Hanis Zalikha tak pernah letak read more tau. Sis Budu Belacan pun tak pernah letak read more. You nak tau sebab apa? Bila orang masuk jer, orang tak payah click lagi dan orang akan terus baca. Jimat masa. 
Listen to that, I do stop and think. I stop to use read more not because of wanting to be like celebrity blogger, but I am thinking about the rational of using read more button in my post. Yes, I wanted the best for my readers. I don’t want to burden them, to have them to die clicking in my area. What I did to reduce this clicking issues are:

Tip 2 - Readmore button is no longer needed.

First - I reduced number of post in my blog. If you’ve notice, I only used 3 - 4 posts in a page because I don’t want this blog loading slow when you entered. This depends on how long is your writing, if you write more, you will have to use 2 - 3 post per page only. If you wanted to changed you number of post, click here: Post On Main Page

Second – I play with the less space. Have a look in all of my entries, you will find that I don’t use too many paragraphs. I learn to reduce emotional word, and chose to use monotone words which always make you want to vomit reading. You see, sentences in the Table A will use a lot spaces compare to sentences in the Table B. For eg :

Hari ini,
Pergi pasar malam
Aku nak beli
Hamster kaler biru
Tapi dah habis

A - With Backspaces ; (

Hari ini, aku pergi pasar malam. Aku nak beli hamster kaler biru, tapi dah habis stock pula !!

B - Without Backspaces ; )

Third – I seldom use read more, I only use it when my entries got superb long (basically if I uploads to many pictures). If you really want to use so, there’s no need to install any other button because Blogspot have read more service in the new post frame which is: Insert Jump Break

Use or not use read more is up to you somehow. But as my point of view, read more buttons can get a bit troublesome to your readers. No matter how long your post will be, you just have to reduce the number of post in your blog. There’s no need to show off all your great posts, because you can have another alternatives by using older and newest entries button , recent post widget, post archives, widget that are a lot more effective.

Remember , if your blog can be fast loaded, the more visitors and traffic you get!Trust me, and happy trying yall!

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